2019-09-04 E-Edition

Cloud’s Krabbe Journey

Cloud Kirbo was like any other soon to be three-year-old when his parents, Carlyle and Sloane, noticed something wasn’t right. Just before his third birthday, July 3rd, Cloud started walking with a limp and got to where he wouldn’t walk alone. He was extremely unbalanced and unstable. He would cry if his parents put him down or left him alone […]

Bad snakes crawling

All rattlesnakes are bad, especially if you get too close to them. This is the second Timber Rattler that has been brought into the office this past week, and both of them were grown. Kenneth Wiley, of Colquitt, killed this large rattlesnake last Sunday at the intersection of Booker and Wilkin Road. It was six feet long and had 13 […]

Trail to Eagle

When Carson Odom joined the scouts in 2012 with Troop 700 in Donalsonville, he never envisioned himself as an Eagle Scout. Carson began his scouting adventures as a Webelo in cub scouts and earned several activity badges while in cub scouts. He also earned the Arrow of Light Award which is the highest rank in Cub Scouting. Earning this rank […]

Leigh Ribolzi is guest panelist at Innovative Georgia’s Workforce pipeline conference

On August 22, Leigh Ribolzi, Executive Director Miller County Collaborative/ Family Connections was a guest panelist at the Innovating Georgia’s Workforce pipeline Conference facilitated by the University of Georgia – Carl Vinson Institute of Government, held at the UGA campus in Tifton. The panel led a discussion titled “Leveraging Intermediaries to Build Workforce Partnerships. Other panelists were Chris Hatcher, CEO […]

Always Put A Quarter On A Frozen Cup Of Water Before A Hurricane

When a major storm is on the horizon, packing your bags and leaving home is often the safe thing to do. But, if you’re worried about the food in your fridge being safe to consume when you return, you’re going to want to remember this brilliantly simple trick. If the power goes out while you’re gone, everything from meat to […]

News Around Us

Bainbridge – Greg McDonald was found not guilty on two counts of Child Molestation, one count of Aggravated Sexual Battery and one count of Sexual Battery on Thursday after a two-day trial at the Decatur County Courthouse. McDonald was arrested by Bainbridge Public Safety in February 2017 and charged with child molestation and aggravated sexual battery. He was later arrested […]

Got to be more careful

A pirate walked into a bar, and the bartender said….”Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while. What happened? You look terrible.” “What do you mean?” said the pirate, “I feel fine.” ” What about the wooden leg? You didn’t have that before..” “Well,” said the pirate, “We were in a battle, and I got hit with a cannon ball, […]

Rep. Greene and Windstream Communications hold meeting

On Thursday August 15th, a meeting was coordinated by State Representative Gerald Greene and Windstream Communications with local community leaders at the Back Porch Restaurant in Shellman, GA. They candidly discussed the progress Windstream has made in both service and technical upgrades in recent years and educated the community leaders on the steps they need to be taking to become […]

Guessing Dorian through Saturday???

This large, huge, dangerous hurricane has been about as hard to predict as where the wind will blow. It has been, and still is some of the most educating guessing the weather people have had in time. As we write and copy the tract of Hurricane Dorian on Monday, it is still an educated guess to where the storm may […]