Letter to Editor

Dear Terry, I know it is too late to add these birthdays to your calendar for this year but that is okay. I plan on getting your paper till you go out of business or I die, which ever comes first. Thanks,Joe MoyeDonalsonville

Estate Planning Is Not Just For The Ultra-Rich Anymore

Hollywood’s stereotype of estate planning usually features assorted nieces, nephews and cousins gathered in the drawing room of a 100-year-old mansion greedily waiting to hear what an eccentric rich relative left them. By the time the scene is over, no one is happy – and that part, at least, has some veracity. “Thousands of people fight over money every year […]

The Future: Think about it..Imagine it

In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 10 years – and most people don’t see it coming. Did you think in 1998 that three years later […]

Tale of two doctors

Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and appear to require hip surgery. The first patient is examined within the hour, x-rayed the same day, and has a time booked for surgery the following week. The second sees his family doctor after waiting three weeks for an appointment, then waits another […]

Georgians urged to use caution when clearing leaves

Atlanta — Insurance and Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens advises Georgians to use caution when clearing and burning leaves in the upcoming weeks. “Autumn should be a time for families to enjoy their yards and outdoor chores,” Hudgens said. “I recommend that citizens take precautions and contact their local fire department before burning anything, and remember to never leave a fire […]

Consumer Q’s

Q&A with the GA Dept of Agriculture

Question: I may be just imagining this, but are the colors of my flowers and rose blooms brighter and richer in the fall? They seem to be. Answer: It is quite possible that you are not imagining it. Cool night temperatures and warm sunny days can actually intensify colors on roses and many flowers. Hot nights and hot days can […]

Political Cartoon

Quote by a great President Ronald Reagan

“The air we breathe is also invisible and taken for granted, yet if it is denied even for a few seconds, we realize instantly how much it means to us. Well, so too with freedom.” Remarks Announcing America’s Economic Bill of Rights, July 3, 1987

Legends of Miller County

The College Years Begin -- Part 2

Just when I think I have gotten used to my son attending college, it is time for my daughter to graduate from high school. I asked her what she wanted to do with her life, but being only 18, she says she doesn’t really know. She said she thinks she wants to attend a technical school, but by graduation day, […]

Dealing With Difficult People

One of life’s frustrations is having to deal with difficult people. Everyone has to interact with them. There is no escaping these troublesome individuals. You can encounter them in virtually any situation. You call your credit card company and customer service is rude. Your boss keeps changing priorities and then reprimands you for not getting things done. Someone you supervise […]