Senator Rand Paul’s Extravagant Vacation

We’ve heard all about Obama’s vacations but not much about KY Senator Rand Paul’s summer break. He and a partner teamed up to do pro bono eye surgeries for the poor. People who came to the surgery center “legally blind or much worse” were all seeing before they left. Isn’t it interesting what the media considers newsworthy? Wonder why the […]

Isn’t life amazing?

This just in…Hamas is attacking. Israel is defending. Russia is invading. The Middle East is smoldering. Boko Haram is massacring. ISIS is marching. Iran and N Korea are threatening. American cities are crumbling. Our southern border is dissolving. Our debt is skyrocketing. Americans are hurting. Our enemies are laughing. Obama is fundraising. Take it easy on Obama, it is his […]


All menus are subject to change!

AUGUST 20 – WEDNESDAYBreakfast – Waffles, Syrup, FruitLunch -Pork Roast, Cornbread,Chicken Tenders, Cornbread, Steamed Rice, SeasonedGreens, Garden Salad, Fruit AUGUST 21 – THURSDAYBreakfast – Pancake Pup, Syrup, FruitLunch – Chicken & Rice/WW RollBarbecue/WG Bun, Fresh Veggies, Green Beans, SweetPotato Fries, Fruit AUGUST 22 – FRIDAYBreakfast – French Toast Sticks, Syrup, FruitLunch – WG Pepperoni PizzaHamburger/WG Bun, Seasoned Corn, Baked Beans,Lettuce/Tomato/Dill […]

News Around Us

Bainbridge – With fresh new signs displayed at its future location on Dothan Highway, the Department of Driver’s Services has announced plans to open doors to the public in early September. DDS Public Information Officer Susan Sports said the station would provide full services when open. Hours of operation are tentatively planned for Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to […]

SGA begins 45th year

Southwest Georgia Academy began its 45th year of operation on Thursday, August 7, 2014. The day began with faculty, parents, and students gathering around the flag pole for prayer to begin the new school year. Teachers reported on August 5 for pre-planning. The first meeting of the PTO was held that afternoon at 5:30. Later at 6:30 the PTO officers […]

Miller County loses scrimmage game to Turner County, 46-7

The Miller County Pirates traveled to Turner County to face the Turner County Rebels in a preseason scrimmage game which was a hot, hot game. Head Football Coach Rayburn was able to see what his band of Pirates needed to come back home and work on in practice. Our Pirates played hard and battled through all four quarters with a […]

Is Every Death Equal?

Like most Americans, I loved Robin Williams. I especially admired his patriotism, expressed in repeated visits to combat zones to entertain our troops. President Obama liked him, too, enough to release a lengthy statement only hours after his death was announced. Something about the situation bothered me, however. Consider the president’s words about Williams: “Robin Williams was an airman, a […]

Political Cartoon


Leaving in Pieces

“Humpty dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty back together again.” English Nursery Rhyme Albert Gooney discovers that somewhere along the way he had become like Jimmy Hoffa…invisible. Only his name remains, evidenced by recurring American Express bills and occasional snippets of gossip at […]

Drunk Drivers To Be Targeted Through Labor Day Holiday

Georgia Launching End-of-Summer Zero Tolerance DUI Campaign

The end of summer is near and to help make sure Georgia motorists get home from their barbecues and last-chance vacations safely, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is joining the national impaired driving campaign Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over to help prevent drunk drivers from creating needless tragedy. To crack down on impaired driving during the Labor Day […]