The Island Experience

What a dumb title. But it’s what she wants. Who? My editor. It starts with a phone call. The caller ID flashes her name. I hesitate, utter my favorite expression, “Oh, joy” (not really, but, well, you know the word). “Hi, what’s up?” I ask. “Your time’s up,” she shouts. The panic in her voice pulsates through the wireless. It […]

MCMS Jr. Beta Club Visits Adventure Land

On May 10, the Miller County Middle School Junior Beta Club visited Adventure Land in Dothan, Alabama. This was their end-of-the-year field trip. Students enjoyed go carts, water bumper cars, putt-putt golf, and playing in the arcade. After spending time at the park, students were taken to the Dothan Mall to grab lunch before heading back to the school. Mrs. […]

Miller County Elementary School 4th Nine Weeks Honor Roll

1st Grade Principal’s Honor Roll Keondre Benton, Camryn Coon, Emma Foster, Landon Givens, Adyn Grant, Jaden Hodges, Daniel Horne, Anna Kate Houston, Jaylen Jackmon, Brody Kelley, Tamia Perkins, and Kaydence Womble. A Honor Roll Skyler Boothe, Hayden Brunson, Marissa Chaney, Jayla Riggins, Brooke Chapman, Miranda Cook, Sethany Cook, Jada Cox, Hayes Gardner, Gabby Jackson, Noah Jones, Olivia Li, Catlin Phillips, […]


“Pretty” isn’t imortant

I’ve long had a soft spot in my heart for some of Mother Nature’s not-sopretty creatures. That comes natural to me, I guess. Being no oil painting myself, I understand better than most that ugly things need love, too. I just hope the less-thanbeautiful critters I love appreciate affection like I do. Consider the ‘possum, for instance. Bless his heart, […]

Rachel Grimsley to visit Puerto Rico

Rachel Grimsley, Seminole County 4-H member, has been selected to attend the 4-H Global Citizenship and Environmental Experience trip to Puerto Rico in June. The 4-H Global Citizenship and Environmental Experience trip provides high school 4-Hers with the opportunity to explore another culture without technically leaving the United States. 4-H’ers are immersed in the Spanish language and Latin American culture […]

Who gave the orders?

Graves: Who Gave The Orders To Target Conservatives? “The coordinated suppression of President Obama’s political opponents undermines who we are and what we stand for.” Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA- 14) addressed the House after the release of the Treasury Department’s Inspector General report on the IRS targeting conservative groups and those who voiced opposition to the […]

Thoughts from the Sandhills

It’s often said that our political labels – left-right, liberal-conservative, and so forth – are out of date. My view is that the fit was never very tight. The terms “left” and “right” originated in France, referring to the seating plan in the French Assembly, where the monarchists sat on the right and the Jacobians sat on the left. “Liberal” […]

Home Country

It’s idolatry, pure and simple. Why else would millions of men spend billions of dollars each year on something that simply takes work and means time away from having fun with friends and family? It’s worship. Worship of tiny little plants invading our yards. It’s lawn-o-mania. Since man first invented the yard, he’s wanted it to look just like everyone […]

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

‘If you’re going through hell-’

There is a saying by Sir Winston Churchill, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Many folks don’t remember who Winston Churchill was. He was the prime minister of England during World War II, and due to his leadership and determination to “never, ever, give up,” England is still there. Most folks today will remember that Rodney Atkins came out […]

Flipping Out

When a Southerner says, “That ain’t right!” they are not referring to an incorrect answer on little Bubba’s math exam. They are pointing out gross violations of social norms. Good examples of things that “ain’t right” include drinking champagne at a stock car race and attending funerals of strangers hoping to pick up women. (You know it happens). The term […]