Arizona Immigration Law

A guy from Arizona and a guy from over the border in Mexico are fighting over a lantern when a genie pops out and grants them each one wish. The Mexican says, “I want a wall around Mexico to protect my culture. Make it about 150 feet high, so nothing can get in or out.” “It is done,” says the […]


DAILY ACTIVITY REPORTS May 3 800D Traffic Stop 2x •Disturbance, 45 S. •Security Check 3x 800E Court, Decatur County •Vehicle Accident, Brinson Rd. •Stopping Suspicious Person/Vehicle 2x •Bank Alarm 2x •School Bus Detail 800S Alarm 2x •Noise Complaint, E. Pine St. May 4 800D Traffic Stop 2x •Security Check 4x •Assist Motorist •Disturbance 800E Stopping Suspicious Person/ Vehicle •Domestic, Perry […]

As You See It

•Thanks for putting the grocery ads in the Liberal. It sure makes it easier for us to shop for the best buys. •Some people just don’t understand. When the lawyers on both sides say you can’t run other elected officer’s business, that usually does some folks. Not one or more commissioners who want all the power. It’s election time. •Our […]


All I wanted to do was make a deposit. A simple transaction. Insert card – punch in number. It was not to be. I could not think of the password. I must have gotten pretty close to it once because the machine sputtered for the shortest time. Then it ate the card. I told the machine that I wanted to […]

Forgotten founding wisdom

“Sacred and undeniable.” That’s how Thomas Jefferson originally described the basic American rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Of course, Ben Franklin changed these to “inalienable” rights, and a printer’s error resulted in them becoming “unalienable.” Still, the meaning was clear. Or at least it was 233 years ago — when the U.S. government existed as a […]


A Grandpa Prepares for Battle

The soldier at the steering wheel of our humvee was sporting the only mustache I hadseenduringmyvisittoNT Cacouple of weeks ago. The National Training Center (NTC) at Ft. Irwin, California, is where our soldiers go for 28 days of intense training just before they deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan. The mustache was gray, streaked with a faded rusty color. Lt. John […]

What a difference a day — or two — makes

On a recent Saturday I spent several wonderful hours with my grandchildren. They were as happy and carefree as a 2-year-old and a 3-yearold could be. Watching them run and play and sing and explore their big, new world reminded me just how gloriously happy and carefree childhood should be. My daughter and her husband were there for the occasion. […]

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Prayers, Mothers and Proms!

My first wife doesn’t like me to say it, but sometimes I think I’m getting too old for some of this. This past week was full. We had the best crowd ever at our National Day of Prayer on the courthouse lawn. There might have been something left that wasn’t prayed for, and always is, but most of our needs […]