County Employee’s Body Found DOS in County Machine

On Tuesday, August 15, a Miller County Road Department employee was found dead in his motor grader. According to a coroner’s death investigation report, Jimmy Carl Robinson, 64, of Donalsonville, was found inside the motor grader by a passing U.P.S. driver, near Arline Road and Helms Road at approximately 3:50 P.M. E911 was called reporting that the operator didn’t appear […]

Watch your step!

There was a time when a snake this size was unusual in Miller County, but that was back when hogs were raised on most farms in the county. The hogs took care of the snakes. Now about the only hogs you see on the farms roaming the fields around Miller County are wild ones that root up peanuts. Now the […]

It Happened-the Eclipse

No matter where you lived in the United States on August 21, 2017, the environment around you changed somewhat. Some animals went into their bedtime routines, while nocturnal animals jumped up from deepaily slumber. Streetlights come on, and the stars come out. It was like you had sunrise, sunset and the night sky all at the same time. Just like […]

Pirates Smolder Knights, 33-13

The song goes like this: “Like a heat wave burning in heart”; well the heat was on but not in a song but in the air. It was so hot a person could have fried an egg on the bleachers. There was not a breeze anywhere that a person could feel, but it did not stop Captain Brent Miller and […]

Sheriff’s Office Receives New K9 Unit

Sheriff Scott Worsley and Deputy Garison Clenney are proud to display the new Miller County K9-Unit for the Sheriff’s Office totally equipped for patrol. Pictured with Sheriff Worsley and Deputy Clenney is Casey Moulton of Colquitt who, along with his crew, designed and fabricated the K9 dog pen for Deputy Clenney’s patrol unit. It took Mr. Moulton and his crew […]

Area News Around Us

Bainbridge – Last week, Anthony Rogers Jr. was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, which was later found to be molly. Sgt. Timothy Mixon was patrolling when he saw a vehicle turn north on to Griffin Avenue without using any turn signals. The car had previously been used in other crimes, Investigator Mark Esquivel said, so they were already […]

First Responders Honored by American Legion Post 165

At the regular meeting of the American Legion Gerald Grow Post 165, on August 8, 2017, members of the Miller County Sheriff’s Office and City of Colquitt Police Department were honored. This is a continuing event until all officers have been honored. Commander Wayne Womble stated that honorees were provided a steak dinner and given certificates of accommodations for their […]

Fall 2017 Georgia Landowner Academy

A six class Georgia Landowner Academy is being planned for the fall of 2017 to serve landowners with 10 or more acres. The program will instruct participants on how to make their land more profitable and sustainable, how to apply for USDA programs, and provide estate planning assistance. It will also address heirs property issues, recordkeeping, forestry, and wildlife management. […]

Tell A Joke Day

In honor of today being National Tell A Joke Day: The other day, I went to this bar that I have been frequenting for a number of years, and I was stopped at the door. The guy said he couldn’t let me in. When I asked why, he said the bar had changed owners, and they now required that the […]

Sniffer the drug dog

A man had just settled into his seat next to the window on the plane when another man sat down in the aisle seat and put his black Labrador Retriever in the middle seat next to the man. The first man looked very quizzically at the dog and asked why the dog was allowed on the plane. The second man […]