2019-02-13 / Community

Now Here’s A Tip

By JoAnn Derson

* “Overwhelmed by paper clutter? Using a plastic file box, gather papers in file folders, simply filling up each folder before moving to the next. Then, go folder to folder, and decide what should be kept or tossed/shredded/ recycled. You should be left with a much smaller amount, which you can file with other like items.” -- A.N. in New Hampshire

* “Store your kids’ favorite breakfast cereal in a large jar with a measuring scoop. This will help children be more independent and stop them from pouring too much in a bowl -- and spilling cereal all over the floor.” -- R.Y. in Virginia

* Quick pickled vegetables can make a perfect little side dish or even garnish that makes you look like a fancy cook. Just add a bit of salt and sugar to white vinegar, then add some thinly sliced veggies -- carrots, cucumber, cabbage, beans or squash. Let sit for 20 minutes or more, then drain and serve.

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