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Judge Joe Bishop Receives Senior Judge Appointment

Senior Judge Joe C. Bishop Senior Judge Joe C. Bishop Joe C. Bishop of Terrell County has been appointed as a Senior Judge of the Superior Court of Georgia by Governor Nathan Deal.

In an Executive Order on January 9, Governor Deal appointed 27 year Pataula Circuit Superior Court Judge Joe C. Bishop as a Senior Judge of the Superior Courts of Georgia.

Judge Bishop had filed his request for appointment with the Governor in November.

State Rep. Gerald Greene of Cuthbert and State Senator Freddie Powell Sims of Terrell County hand delivered their individual written personal support for Judge Bishop’s request to Governor Deal, also.

The office of Senior Superior Court Judge was created by the legislature by statute in 1976. If provides that any judge of the superior courts who retires as a judge of the superior courts and who has at least 10 consecutive years of service as a judge of the superior courts at the time of retirement can be appointed by the Governor as a Senior Superior Court Judge upon request. Judge Bishop retired on December 31, 2018.

As a Senior Judge, Judge Bishop can be appointed to hear civil or criminal cases in any superior court of any county of the state upon request of the presiding judge. The appointment can be for disqualification of the sitting judge or due to the work load of the courts.

Judge Bishop reported he looks forward to continuing his judicial career as a senior judge.

And, as a Senior Judge, he served in Randolph County last week and will return next week. He has also been appointed to hear cases in Lowndes and Colquitt counties.

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