2019-01-09 / Opinion

It’s Good to Spend Time With Old Friends

By Roger “Buck” Davis

We finally got the RV out of the shop and hit the road again, stopping in Good Old Miller County for a little R&R on New Year’s Eve, at TK’s Grill on the square. The remaining Roger and Road Road Runners, along the Enfingers, Joey Brown and David Dupree, played oldies music to a great crowd, until late in the night, bringing in 2019.

We saw friends we hadn’t seen in a long time, like Miss Dot Wainwright, whose drug store I had worked at as a teenager. It’s always great to dig up bones and share conversations with old friends who took the time to come by, say hello, and enjoy the music.

Judy and I appreciate everyone who stopped by. Bear Calhoun said we sounded just as good, or maybe even better, than we did in 1966. Of course, none of us can hear as good as we did 50 years ago. Others, like Betty Jo and Terry, said they were sorry they couldn’t make it, because they had the crud. Felix Jr. and Iva had other obligations. Even one of the Good Old Boys couldn’t make it. Steve Holt and Shirley said they read about it in the paper, but they thought it was next week. Nobody likes to admit it, but it’s hard for people our age to stay up past 10 p.m.

The good news is that we only had room for about eight more bodies, and still had a little room to dance. For those who missed it, it was what you call a fun throw-down.

We stopped by the Liberal to speak to the editor and staff who had been working nonstop to get the Christmas and New Year’s paper out. We shared our first lunch of 2019 with my sister, Sonja, and my niece, Glenda. We drove in the county to get a first-hand look at the devastation called by Michael.

People can say a picture is worth a thousand words, but to see the devastation firsthand was an eye opener. It will take years just to get rid of all the debris, and even longer to repair structures. I spoke to Chris Wilkin and West Vann about all the cotton that couldn’t be harvested. There are over a thousand irrigation systems through the track of the storm that had be replaced. This devastation is mind boggling.

With everyone trying to get ready to start 2019’s crop, while 2018’s is still laying in the field, while everybody is waiting on insurance money, the word patience becomes the most used word of the New Year.

It’s always great to see and talk to old friends wherever we go, but there’s just something different about seeing the people you grew up with in Good Old Miller county. It just gives you that special feelings inside that you can’t explain, and it lasts until the next time you see them.

We’re going to spend a few more days in God’s country before heading south to Florida for a couple of months.

May God Bless

RTD & Judy

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