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Bride & Gift Gallery Closed

by Terry Toole

Betty Jo Toole locks store for final day on December 31. Betty Jo Toole locks store for final day on December 31. On the last day of the year, December 31, 2018, it was with heavy hearts that the Bride & Gift Gallery closed the doors of the only store of its type.

The high-end gift store with fine gifts for brides and everyone else in this area was a dream of the late Tammy Toole Richardson when the family ran the Western Auto on First Street. Tammy asked her father, Terry Toole, about establishing Bride & Gift Gallery back in 19 79 and when Western Auto closed due to the company selling to Sears, the family owned store closed. In 1976, the Miller County Liberal changed hands from the Priests to Terry Toole, grandson of the founder, Zula B. Toole. The local newspaper and Tammy’s Bride & Gift Gallery moved to the buildings on Main Street.

The Liberal, the oldest business in Colquitt, is still located at 157 E. Main Street and is now 122 years old.

The Bride & Gift Gallery flourished under the guidance of Tammy, and she loved the business and the people who worked with her and her customers until she became ill with ovarian cancer several years ago. Her death left a void.

“It is with deep regret we are not physically able to keep the business going. Several people wanted to buy the gift gallery, but for different reasons the sale of the entire business did not go through. After selling much of the merchandise for months at super discounted prices, it’s time for us to close,” Betty Jo Toole stated.

“All good things must come to an end, and this business has been an asset to Colquitt and Miller County for almost 40 years. Things change, and business changes,” said the Tooles.

The store is now officially closed to the public and will not be opened for business.

It has been great to have the gift store, and the family wants to thank all of you who did business with our founder, Tammy, and with her mother who has run the store since her death. It was a labor of love for the store and those who shopped there.

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