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Some Inactive Cemeteries of Miller County

by Jack Cowart

Our work goes on concerning people who have been buried in the sandy soil of our beloved Miller County, Georgia. We have now identified 64 cemeteries in Miller County. This is a discussion concerning some of our county’s inactive cemeteries. An inactive cemetery is one that has not had a burial in many years. The problem is that these cemeteries, because of being unused, often fall into a state of disrepair and then they may be forgotten.

The Cedar Grove Cemetery is on the County Line Road beside the old Cedar Grove Church. This church is no longer used and is in disrepair. The burial sites are also neglected. They can be found about 15 yards to the right and in front of the old church building.

The Davis Cemetery is found 10 miles east of Colquitt on the south side of Bellview Road west of Johnnie Freeman Road. This is one of the older cemeteries in Miller County. The first known interment was that of Benjamin A. Jones who passed October 21, 1877. He was a veteran of the Confederate Army who served with the 10th Georgia Infantry, and was a member of the Free Masons. Today it appears that the site has two areas of graves. It is possible there are several unknown graves in between these two areas. Many of the old graves once had wooden markers which have long since been lost.

The location of the Fiveash cemetery was debated in 1980. Thinking it was in Seminole County the editors decided to leave it out of the 1980 Index. With today’s GPS satellite the location is now known without a doubt to be inside the Miller County line which runs down the southern edge of this Cemetery. The Fievash Cemetery is about a mile east of Hwy. 91. The first interment was that of S. M. & Sion N. Spooner, twin brothers who were buried in 1858. The oldest person known to be buried here is Joseph Spooner, who was born in 1798.

Perhaps one of the saddest sights at the Fiveash Cemetery is the burial place for Alice Areann (Grimsley) Overstreet. She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Roberts) Grimsley and the wife of Sion Leonidas Overstreet. Mother of ten or possibly 12 children. There she lays with 3 children on each side. All infants or toddlers, joy turned to sadness. Four infant unnamed sons and two daughters named Alice and Francis. She would live another 30 years with a heavy heart full of sorrow, no doubt often walking among these precious little graves, before she too was allowed to lie there and join them in this their final resting place.

These are just three of the ten inactive cemeteries in Miller County, Georgia. If you have any information concerning any cemeteries in Miller County, Georgia, please contact Jack Cowart by e-mail at jackcsa@yahoo.com or text or call (229) 379-6714.

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