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Keep Those Ads, Subscriptions and Fillers Coming, Please!

by Terry Toole

For the past 122 years, the Toole family, qualified and not so qualified, has brought you a local newspaper. We have gone from four pages to at times 60 pages.

I took over in the 1970s, and at 83 years old, I'm still learning. We try our best to get the news from the city, county and schools. Some help, some don't. If it were not for this newspaper, you would not know what's going on, until TAX time.

The only way that we make enough money to stay in business are from our advertisers. Thank all of you who think enough of our product to advertise yours. We looked back to see how we charge. Like everything we purchase, it's going up, or out of business. Our postage, salaries, printing and all our costs continue to rise. Our cost of doing business and offering new forms of newspapers, like our website that goes all over the world, is a new way many choose to receive the newspaper. I like the printed word in the hand, but if you live in Texas or California, you might get the printed paper several weeks late by mail, so we offer the website to enable to read the Miller County Liberal sometimes before we read the printed word.

Often we ask what you our subscribers like. They do like to know about what is going on with their taxes, current local news; they like some of the bargains from the merchants in the area communities. They like some of our opinions, some they don't, but they really like the filler stories we are sent by our readers; we do too. Keep sending them. We will give you credit or will put sent by a friend. We continue to give new services for our readers and advertisers to enjoy.

As you know, time has changed the meaning of certain words. I really don't like the name Miller County Liberal, and if I get the nerve and time, I will change it. We are not a liberal newspaper. I was introduced to the Georgia Press Association as the editor and publisher of the "most misnamed newspaper in the U.S.A., and maybe the world."

I have enjoyed these past 43 plus years and intend to continue serving y'all for a few more years, Lord willing.

As Grandma said, "Pull for Colquitt, or Pull Out." We had rather you stay, I am. We want to continue being the oldest business in the county. We invite your suggestions for a better newspaper.

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