2019-01-09 / Community

A Football Tale

submitted by Charles Garrett

A friend from Dothan, AL told this story in May, 1983...

Vince Dooly was riding around, wondering how he would be able to replace Herschel Walker. He was surprised to see a young Black man walking out of some woods by the highway carrying a deer under one arm and a bear under the other. He stopped his car, backed up, and engaged the amazing young man in conversation. The young fellow said he had ran the deer down and killed it with a karate chop on the neck. Then the bear came running up to take the deer away, and he killed it with another chop. Vince was getting more and more excited, and wanted to know if the boy could pass a football.

The young man thought a moment; "Yes, I believe I could pass a football if I could get it down."

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