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When to Date and When Not To: Those Sweet Talk Emotions Decide for You

By Roger “Buck” Davis

Once you’ve been courting for a couple of years, you think you know all there is to know about the opposite sex. Well, I’m 72, and every day I still learn something new.

By the end of 11th grade, the Good Old Boys were in our prime, and we had everything under our control. At least, we thought we did. The girlfriends were still leading in the emotions field. They could turn them on and off at the drop of a hat, and we were under some kind of spell. We didn’t know how to control our emotions like they did, so we had to change our way of thinking, and how we reacted (or didn’t) to certain situations.

We’d made a pact not to get serious about girls, especially around Christmas or Valentine’s Day, because that meant we had to buy a gift, or flowers, or candy. This was a special time for the girls, though. They would all talk about what their boyfriend was giving them for Christmas, or what kind of flowers and candy they wanted for Valentine’s. They would turn on those sweet talking emotions I was speaking about, and we were helpless.

Harry, Ronnie, and Steve were trying to court Maxie, Kay, and Shirley with only phone calls, because the girls weren’t allowed to go on car dates yet. To keep the girls thinking about them, they would buy them a special Christmas present, and later candy for Valentines. I can’t remember who Jerry and Charles were dating, so I think that they were off the hook for this one Christmas.

I had a different situation. I was working at Roger Buck’s West Side Grocery over 20 hours a week, and socially dating more than one girl. There was nothing serious on my part or theirs, so no gift was expected. Wrong.

The girl I’d met only a few times in Colquitt lived on the other side of Bainbridge. I was introduced to Brenda by a distant cousin Judy Ann Davis, because this girl’s father was the preacher at Flat Creek Church, where Judy and her family attended services. Brenda turned on those sweet talking emotions and talked me into attending services one Sunday to meet her father, mother, and brother. The next thing I knew I was driving 38 miles to see her every weekend, and I was attending Flat Creek Church the 1st and 3rd Sunday, just so I could sit with her. Of course, Preacher White, her father, did pour out a mean sermon, and I probably needed that, too.

This romance lasted from around Halloween through Valentine’s, and yes, I fell victim and bought her a Christmas gift, flowers, and candy. We ended up great friends. I even saw her years later in Tallahassee, Florida, and we shared a laugh or two.

We were raised in a way that makes us show our manners and emotions in a certain way. As men, we can say we don’t like, or don’t care, for those sweet talking emotions that females can use to make us do the things that they want us to do – like buying gifts for those special occasions, opening car doors, standing when they walk into the room, waiting patiently for them to get ready, etc. The truth of the matter, what most females really don’t understand, is “WE LOVE IT.” “EXPECT IT,” and “WANT SOME MORE OF IT.” Or do they?

There are only 18 shopping days until Christmas. Those sweet emotions should be in high gear by now.

Next week will be my two-year anniversary of submitting articles to the Good Old Miller County Liberal. I hope you are enjoying reading them as much as I do writing them.

May God Bless

RTD & Judy

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