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Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Christmas is coming
by Terry Toole

It’s getting to look a lot like Christmas!

Shoot, it ought to seem like Christmas. I sat/ stood and talked to Santa most of last Saturday morning.

The local library held its annual Breakfast with Santa. Many of the children see that Jolly Ole Elf and Mrs. Claus for the first time, ever. We had a first this year. When Santa showed up at the door, going “Ho,Ho, Ho,” one small boy had never seen anything like that and decided he might put this off until another day. He started screaming. The closer Santa got to him, the louder he screamed until his mother got the message and took him outside.

Now Santa and ye scribe are on a first name basis, and there are always a few that just don't want to walk up or be carried up to sit on Santa's knee.

Now I understand. If someone wanted you to sit on a large fellow in a fuzzy red and white suit, would you sit on his knee for a candy cane? On top of that, he has a funny hat and a large, long, white beard, nothing like many of these young folks have ever seen before. The children possibly have training not to mess with strange-looking grown folks, and you can take my word, this is one of the best looking Santas and Mrs. Claus they will ever see.

I've been meeting at the schools, churches, libraries and all around town for many years. Santa and ye scribe have been knowing each other for a long time. I am noticing every year that the babies’ mothers and dads were also there earlier when they were babies! And my hair has gotten as white as Santa's hair. I usually sit in front of Santa and his wife to take photos. It has never failed some of the children will come by me while they are waiting to tell Santa what they want for Christmas and ask, "Do you know him?" I always tell them he is a good friend of mine, and he loves children.

There have been many Santas to come to Colquitt. Some are Santa's helpers, but I really believe this might be old Santa himself. He has a “Ho, Ho, Ho,” that sound so giving.

I tell the children that he might not be able bring all they want, but he will try if they have been good.

There was one little boy who said he had been good, he thought, but his mother said he wasn't good all the time.

I told him to try to be extra good from now until Christmas, and I figure Santa was a boy, and he might just understand that boys or girls really have a hard time being good all the time.

We have some great conversations about Santa.

The best that I can remember was when a young fellow came into the office to tell me what he wanted. His mother got to me first and told me the situation that had become a problem. It seems that this young fellow had seen me with Santa, and he knew that I knew him well. He wouldn't tell his folks, Santa, or anyone else what he wanted. He wanted to tell ye scribe, and no one else. Now even back then I couldn't hear good, and he wanted to whisper. He was too young to write good. I finally wrote what I could hear. He wanted a lot of stuff that had to be out of the stores, so I told him I would let Santa know, but even he couldn't get the boy everything. I got the message to the right one, and the boy had a great Christmas. He always seemed to like me.

I hope that all parents will teach their children that Old Saint Nick is a fine fellow, but Christmas is celebrated so that we can worship a time that the Christ child was born into this world so that He could save our souls.

I learned from my folks that it is better to give than to receive. It's almost Christmas, and the Christ of Christmas gave His all so that we could be with Him eternally.

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