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Golden Tr i angle Makes Donation to Shape-Up Miller

Billy Roland, president of Golden Triangle RCD, presents a check for Shape Up Miller to Sheila Freeman (right) and Leigh Ribolzi (left). Billy Roland, president of Golden Triangle RCD, presents a check for Shape Up Miller to Sheila Freeman (right) and Leigh Ribolzi (left). Golden Triangle Resource Conservation and Development Council, which covers 12 counties in this area, has shown its support of the local health initiative, Shape-Up Miller, with a $500 donation. Billy Roland, council president, was on hand at the latest meeting of the Miller County Community Health Partnership, where he presented the check.

This program addresses health equity for all. As Sheila Freeman of the Spring Creek Health Cooperative, one of the grant writers for Shape- Up Miller, says, “Our zip code should not determine our health status.” One of the factors in deter- mining Miller County’s grant award was its poor health statistics. People in only eight other counties in Georgia die earlier than those who live here. Freeman pointed out that Miller County was one of only 11 counties awarded a grant from the Two Georgias Initiative, which has a similar slogan of “Place Matters: Addressing Health Equity in Georgia.”

The vision statement for Shape-Up Miller is “Colquitt/Miller County is a community committed to supporting healthy living.” According to its newsletter, the Miller County Health Partnership is “a group of advocates dedicated to making Colquitt/Miller County a healthier place to live” with an aim “to increase opportunities for citizens to engage in physical activity and consume a nutritious, balanced diet.” The three strategy teams and their leadership for improving health countywide are physical activity, team leader Dr. Russ Henley; healthy eating, team leader Leigh Ribolzi; and healthcare access, team leader Abby Glass.

Some of the activities for Shape-Up Miller that are already in progress are a team weight-loss competition, free health screenings and health fairs, and ACA healthcare insurance enrollment assistance. Planning is underway for the following 2019 events: a free dental clinic, community garden, farmers’ market, Golden Olympics, free exercise classes, Heart-to-Heart sidewalk markings for walkers, and free educational classes on diabetes and other health issues.

If you have an interest in any of these areas of health and would like to join a strategy team, please contact Sheila Freeman or Leigh Ribolzi. The next meeting for Shape-Up Miller is set for December 12 at noon at TK’s Bar & Grill. Text or call 229-726-0089 or 229-254-6751 to make your reservation for the meal. Also “like” Spring Creek Health Cooperative on Facebook to know the latest.

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