2018-11-07 / Religion

We are a Christian Nation

By Terry Toole

Parts of this article were left out in the former edition. The most important part, our thanks was omitted!

A former president of the United States of American declared that we are not a Christian nation.

I agree, under him we were fast moving toward being a Muslim nation. He was born a Muslim, and still is.

This past few weeks have proved that we are, and hopefully always will be a Christian nation.

It is bad that the worst storm in our history had to come to prove that we really are a Christian people, or most of us are.

If you had damage, and most of us did have, you had help from neighbors, friends, kin and especially complete strangers we had never met before and will probably never met again. They helped us clean up, dig out, fed us and furnished us with supplies to help us. Some still are helping.

There were a bunch of firsts that happened before, during, after and because of the destruction of the storm.

If you were out around Colquitt, you saw bees flying around like they were lost. They were. The storm not only tore up where we live and make our livings, it almost destroyed where the dead are buried. When checking out the damage,we found some of the biggest hives of bees on the ground in the cemetery along with vaults pushed up out of the ground and bodies out of the caskets in some cemeteries. Lord thank you that I'm not the coroner now. Sorry about that Danny.

The Colquitt City Cemetery was damaged, and most of the roads were closed. Thanks to those from out-of-town who helped with the cleanup. They will be blessed for all that sawing and moving trees. Some graves were found without markers that are still unknown who lies there. It would be bad to check the grave sites.

Another first brought back fond memories of another time. All of the churches got hit pretty bad. The Colquitt United Methodist is having to be redone, inside and outside.

The First Baptist Church offered us a place to worship in the original church building last Sunday. That was a first with Methodists meeting in a Baptist church for Sunday School and church. I felt right at home since I was raised across the street and attended all they offered. Not sure, but our bishop, Lawson Bryan, preached last Sunday at First Baptist Church #1. That might have been a first.

I got to sit in Grandma Zula's pew for the first time ever. From age six till she died, I would wrap two hot bricks in a towel and place them in her pew to warm her feet on. Brought back memories. She would be proud to have us Methodists in her church.

We Methodists thank the First Baptist for their kindness to a churchless people for awhile. They have done so much for so many all during the stormy times.

Know there are so many more firsts. In God We Trust! God bless you all, especially you who help others!

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