2018-11-07 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Learning everyday or trying
by Terry Toole

Sometimes it hard to stay positive, especially if you still don't have telephones or internet to get your newspaper out each week.

Some of you say that there was no such thing as computers, telephones or internet for many, many years and we got out a newspaper. We used to think a server was someone who waited on tables, now it is the most important part of getting out a newspaper, and we haven't had a server since the storm. Folks who get out newspapers still don't believe we have gotten out four editions without a server, but we did if you are reading this.

I read on Facebook that most of the women, and some of us men are having crying spells with all the losses we've had recently. Most of my tears are folks like AT&T setting up appointments, probably in India, for the local fellows to come repair our telephones and get us, especially in the newspaper back on the internet. The only reason we haven't gotten another service is the local fellows do a great job fixing us. About time they get us up and going, some dumb a___ cuts a line.

The weaker of our sexes, that is a lie, seem to be crying from all the pressures and losses that they have. We strong of the sexes, which is a lie, possibly put most of those pressures on the women, or those Michael didn't put on them.

The hurricane of the century messed up things in this area that will never be fixed in most our lifetimes, especially old codgers like ye scribe. It's bad enough to lose your home or business of what you make a living doing, but our trees will not be replaced with the losses from the storm and the changes we have made in our land that we have created.

Some things will be put back better, but some things like some of us remember being brought up with will never be the same.

As most of you who live around here know, we had more destruction than most of us have ever seen, but being the people they are this town was cleared of the mess as much as was possible for them to do as quickly as has been done anywhere. The city and county started clearing, but the state and federal offered their help and our locals accepted the help, we thought. The U.S. Corp offered to remove the debris, although they have nothing to move it with. When they took bids for someone with the equipment to move the debris, trees, trash and etc. Those who didn't get the bid for the cleanup stopped it by protesting that everything be stopped, or that is what is being told.

This may just teach some of us that we cannot depend on our government to help in an emergency. It may teach us not to make governments, any governments the power of our own funds to do what "They" want or can do.

It is said, and this should prove that government, any large or small has nothing that they do not take away from someone who works for it.

We have had some of the most help from the city, county, state and federal agencies, but the ones who have actually helped the most that we can see are individuals and Christian groups of people who want to help because we need help. As I see it, the ones who help the most, ask the least for doing good works. Seemingly, the higher up you go, the least you get help unless you didn't help yourself.

Besides all of that, there is no place on this earth that I had rather be than right here. I find that good folks that you don't expect to help seem to be the best. The protection we thought we had, we don't, even that we have paid for.

It has taken me a long time to learn partially who we can depend on and who will help if you really need help, and who not to depend on.

There are still some good, great stories coming out of all this tragedy and loss. Everyone don't have Facebook or a computer, but most folks can get most of the news and what is going on for a subscription to your local newspaper.

Follow the money to get the truthful answers.

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