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‘3rd Rate Romance: Sometimes the Shoe’s on the Other Foot’

By Roger “Buck” Davis

After dealing with the pitfalls of your first romance – it was holding hands in Ed Hunter’s picture show, if you remember – time has passed and you are ready for your second and third try at some type of courting. You’re now in the 7th grade, and girls are the number one thing on your mind: behind sports, fishing, hunting, and just goofing off, of course.

You’ve been to the library to look at all the National Geographic magazines, and you’ve become an expert on talking to the girls, being friends with the girls, and just hanging out with them. In your mind, you have become buddies with them. Just when things were going great, and having a girlfriend was the last thing on your mind, one of your so-called buddies tells you that her girlfriend really likes you, and wants to meet you at the Colquitt youth center dance the next Saturday.

The girl is kind of cute, but she doesn’t make sparks fly when you see her, or make your heart go bumpy-bump. Still, you think, “I’ll be nice to her at the dance,” and maybe, just maybe, the girl who just moved here will be there and you’ll get to see her, because she does make you feel like rockets are going off.

Then a strange thing happens. The girl you’re supposed to meet comes in with the girl you really want to meet. You put your brain working, trying to figure out how you’re going to handle this situation without embarrassing the girl you’re supposed to be with, while still getting to know the new girl. You say hi to both girls, and introduce yourself to the new one. You convince the girl that’s supposed to be with you that since the girl just moved here, it would be nice to share the dances with her.

Now that dog didn’t hunt for very long. You danced all the slow dances with the new girl, and the fast dances with your so-called date, and she began to show her displeasure with the way things were going.

Sometimes things work out for the best, because when things were beginning to go south, one of the Good Old Boys, Charles Wade, came in and solved the whole problem. I called him over, and convinced him to dance one slow dance with the girl I was supposed to be with. They were a match made in heaven, and couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other. I was happy, I thought, but for someone who wanted to be with me from the start, she sure changed her mind quick. I thought I just learned another lesson the art of courting and romance: things are never the way seem.

I love it when a plan comes together, though. You see, the girl I was supposed to be with became a buddy, just like the others, and she was glad I got her together with one of the Good Old Boys. By the way, they became 7th grade sweethearts, even though they didn’t make it all the way to the 8th grade.

After that sticky situation, I decided that more experience was needed to deal with the opposite sex. After that sticky situation, I decided that more experience was needed to deal with the opposite sex. The girls were not only a taller than us boys in the beginning of the 7th grade, but they were a whole lot smarter. They still are today.

They get us to do certain things for them, and they’ve planned it to make it look like it was our idea from the start. Some things never change.

By the way, the new girl I met at the dance already had a boyfriend, he just wasn’t there to dance with her, so she used me to fill the void. I ended up right back where I started.

May God Bless

RTD & Judy

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