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Pirates Scalp the Indians

By: Glenda Bailey

Pirates defense proved too much for the Indians. Pirates defense proved too much for the Indians. What a night for high school football! The evening was cool, crisp and just right for Friday Night Lights! As a Pirate or Seminole fan, it has been a rivalry between Miller County and Seminole County for years on the football field, but in our communities we have all been close friends to one another. Seminole was supposed to host this game that was played this past Friday night, but due the destruction Hurricane Michael laid on the Seminole County Football Field, their schools and so many homes, the game was moved to Miller County.

The crowd was multiple on each side of the field with two young head coaches leading the teams, Coach David Bell for Miller County and Coach Wes Williams for Seminole County. Captains for the game were Seminole: Tymir Groomes, Shamal Hopkins, Christian Pollock, and Marquis Wade and for Miller County Roland Godfrey, Dylan Johnson, Chris Stovall, and Brooks Watson.

Move over, I’m coming through. Move over, I’m coming through. The Pirates won the coin toss and deferred to the second half which would put Miller County kicking off to Seminole.

First and 10 for the Indians on their own 10 yard line, SC fumbled losing 5 yards. Second and 15 Miller County #64 Watson and #45 Austin Avery were in on the tackle. Third and long Seminole decided to go to the air; JaNorris Byrd was right where he needed to be stretching his arms out to intercept a pass thrown by SC’s quarterback.

After four plays without gaining any yards, the Pirates gave the pig back to the Indians.

Seminole picked up five first downs before settling in at the Pirates’ goal with SC’s #14 Tymir Groomes stepping in 2 yards out to score a touchdown. The Indians’ point attempt was dead center, giving the Indians points on the scoreboard, 7-0.

As the Indians booted the pig to the Pirates, JaNorris Bryd, Chris Stovall, and Stohne Cold Cobb rotated the pig picking up first downs left and right. Miller County had control of the pig picking up five first downs as time ticked down to end the first quarter.

Just inside the second quarter, Chris Stovall rushed for a 9 yard touchdown and rolled in with the two point conversion, putting the Pirates out in front of the Indians with the score, 8-7. Miller County booted to the Indians with the first down beginning at the Indians’ 21 yard line. Miller County’s Black Death Defense led by Roland Godfrey, JaNorris, Chris Stovall, Douglas Roney, and Brooks Watson shut down the Indians’ offense, causing the pig to be punted back to the Pirates.

Now in this section of the article, it is understood that in any game played there have to be officials. Calls were made from both sides of the teams that were very questionable. Miller County was driving down field; it was third down when Johnson slipped the pig to Chris Stovall. Stovall broke out like a thoroughbred race horse crossing the Indians’ goal line, and then an official decided to throw a yellow flag. Pretty sure he saw something that the fans did not see, but why didn’t he throw it before Stovall crossed the goal line? Someone please answer this! Also this first half went by so quickly; it was halftime before you could turn around good.

Both bands performed superbly with majorettes, Color Guards, and band members. Both shows were totally dynamite. Miller County High School band director, Mrs. Holly Thomas, along with the MCHS Band Boosters, presented the SCHS band director with a small token of love to assist with their band. You see, Seminole County Band lost their band trailer and equipment during Michael’s horrendous trip through our counties.

As the third quarter got underway, Seminole kicked off to Miller. Again J Bryd and Stovall rotated the pig picking up yards, but a fumble became costly as an Indian jumped on the pig. Seminole would not have the ball long due to a turn-over on downs. Once again Stovall and JaNorris rotated the pig, landing inside the Indians’ 6 yard line. First and goal, Johnson slipped the pig to Stovall. Stovall took it in for a touchdown, and Stovall ran in the two point conversion moving the Pirates up 16-7.

On this next adventure, Miller booted the pig to Seminole, and an Indian touched the pig, and that pig went wild on that field; Miller County’s #6 Austin Chapman was there to soothe the pig. Miller County’s first and 10, Jaydon Cooper picked up a couple of yards; Stovall picked up about 19 yards on 3 carries. J Bryd had 5, and it was first and 4 on the Indians’ four yard line. MC’s quarterback Dylan Johnson kept the pig home and slipped up the middle to score. Johnson also booted in the point attempt, moving the Pirates up 23-7. With 13.3 seconds left on the clock in the third quarter, Seminole was working the pig down field.

In the fourth and final quarter, Miller County’s Black Death Defense anchored down keeping the Indians from scoring. It was first and 10 from the Indians’ 35 when Johnson straight shot it to MC’s #15 Haven McCray. McCray picked up about 24 yards. Second and 11, Johnson again slipped the pig to Stovall; Stovall power-housed in to score a touchdown. The point attempt was a little on the wobbly side, but Miller County was up 29- 7.

This is where the scoring stopped. Miller County’s Black Death Defense played hard all night long. Cameron Crankfield, Tyran Bush, Brooks Watson, Brian Williams intercepted an Indian pass; the entire defensive linemen gave their all in this game, and at the end it showed up on that scoreboard. This makes four years in a row Miller County has defeated Seminole County, but there is always next year. Also to the SC and MC football players from both sides of the field that helped Mr. Terry Toole up after being hit on the side line, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Your kindness did not go unnoticed.

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