2018-10-10 / Public Safety



On Sunday, September 30, 2018, Deputy Clenney was contacted by Deputy Day with the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, in regard to child custody on Mason Road, in Miller County. Deputy Day advised that a family member would be waiting on GA HWY 27 South with a deputy.

When Deputy Clenney made contact with Grant Easom, Easom stated that his girlfriend’s two children were staying at their grandparents’ house. One of the children called their mother, Jennifer McLendon, and said they wanted someone to bring them home because they were scared. McLendon advised that her children said that their grandmother was hollering at them; she pulled one of the children’s hair and took their cell phone. McLendon advised Deputy Clenney that she wanted them moved away from that residence.

At this time, Deputy Clenney left Easom and made contact with the grandparents. He advised them of the allegations against them, and the grandparents responded that the allegations were incorrect, and they would never lay a hand on the children. The only true part of the allegations was that a cell phone was taken from them.

While on scene, Deputy Clenney observed that both children had no visible injuries, or marks on their body. They were taken into custody by their mother’s sister.


On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, Deputy Cobb responded to a two vehicle accident in front of the Miller County Dump. Upon arrival, Deputy Cobb spoke with Ronny Rodgers, who advised that he didn’t realize that Timothy Ingram was turning left. Rodgers didn’t see the left turn signal on Ingram’s car, and he attempted to pass in the left lane.

Deputy Cobb spoke with Ingram, who advised that he put on his left turn signal and began to turn as traffic allowed it, and that was when he was struck by Rodgers.

Deputy Cobb’s investigation determined that, due to the evidence of damage and positioning of the vehicles, Rodgers was at fault for the accident due to following too closely and being unable to yield to a vehicle turning left. Both vehicles were removed by their owners, and no citations were issued.

There were no apparent injuries in this accident.


On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, Deputy Goff responded to a one vehicle accident.

Steven DeLoach was traveling north on Highway 27 North when a single deer entered the roadway, directly in front of DeLoach. DeLoach was unable to avoid striking the deer, and the accident caused moderate damage to the front bumper, grill, and the passenger head light.

DeLoach’s vehicle was operable after the impact, and the vehicle was removed from the scene by DeLoach.

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