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Up The Creek Without A Paddle

The Gift
by Terry Toole

It is a changing world! We worry about doing good enough to go to Heaven when we die. At this time, as I understand it, not one of us can do enough good to make it to Heaven. We just ain't that good. At this late time in life, I worry if anyone will make it. The more I read and study the Book with all the right answers in it, the more I wonder about our final destination. Right now I'm reading a book on what Joshua did when he led the Jewish nation into the Promised Land. At this point in my reading, Joshua had more faith than anyone before him. He was told to do something by God, most of the time it seemed impossible, but as Joshua did it, it happened. There is something about a man named Achan who was told not to take anything from the enemy, but he did.

God does not lie. What he says will come to pass. Achan, and his entire family were killed. That is the penalty for stealing from God. It was then, and still is.

There is something in the Book that says, God does not change. He doesn't! I found that out when Tammy, our daughter had cancer.

Jacob was known to be one of the cheif of bargainers. He even wrestled with an angel to get what he wanted. He was a deal maker. When Tammy was going through cancer treatments and operations, I made some offers that if He would heal her, I would do anything, and I made some real bargains, I thought, but Tammy was not healed. I admit that I did not have the faith that I should have had, and in all the prayers from us and all her friends, nothing changed.

After she died, I got to thinking, when His Son asked that death on the cross be lifted from Him, it was not. When He was hung on the cross and said, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" We are taught that it was the answer of profercy and maybe the human coming out of the Son of God.

The more that I read, and study the less I seem to undrstand except it says His ways are not our ways. I'm so thankful that the verse John 3:16-17 was given to all of us that He made: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him."

Sometimes it seems like God may have changed His mind about His creation, and maybe not. Just think about it, if He hadn't sent Jesus the Christ to be born of a virgin, live among us, die the cruelest death on a cross and be raised from the dead, none of us would have a chance of living in eterninty with our Creator. Not one of us, no not one can do anything to go to Heaven when we die but that one thing that he told us in John 3-16. It's just that simple.

No, we human beings can't understand most of Bible because His ways are not our ways.

Forgive me for babaling like someone who knows what this all means, but I heard a preacher say the other day that one soul is worth more than the entire earth.

I never heard anyone explain why Jesus had to die like He did, but it seems that he died to save our soul. We can't understand why God puts up with Satan and Hell, but He does. Our soul is eternal and worth the Gift of God's Son to save it.

The closer that we get to the end of our time here on earth, the more we need to understand and beleive the Holy Bible.

Tammy told me when she called me in to tell me she was tired, and wanted to go home. I didn't understand why she must die. I told her I had some questions I would like to ask when I get there.

Tammy said, "Daddy, it will be so perfect and beautiful, you won't have a question to ask when you get there."

That same preacher said something about not being forgiven if we don't try to tell others about why our Christ came to earth and how our soul could be saved.

A preacher said in a study once to the group and me, "There is no Hell." I found that much is said about Hell in the Bible. I hope he reads Matthew.

No Bible preacher who is worth anything minds saying the word Hell, although we hear little about the devil and his angels. A preacher who does not preach on Hell and what the Bible says about it does not preach as Jesus did and is not honest with his church. Jesus came to save sinners, and everyone say a great big AMEN!

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