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Pirates Smolder Blazers, 14-0

By: Glenda Bailey

Miller Pirates plow through the Blazer line for another score. Miller Pirates plow through the Blazer line for another score. October is Cancer Awareness Month and during this time fans will see football players, cheerleaders and band members honoring or remembering those who have fought the battle of cancer or those who are still battling this dreadful sickness. This sickness has struck millions on top of millions of lives today, and specialists are working daily to find a cure. So please be in prayer for all those who are battling, have lost a love one, or knows someone who is facing cancer. A chain of prayers or just one prayer does not go unnoticed.

As the game got underway, captains for the game were Janorris Byrd, Dalton Gowan, Kyran Bush, and Corey Preston, and for the Blazers Caleb Jones, Damian Williams, Hunter Bowles, and Brady Ragan. The Pirates opened on the receiving end of the pig with Haven McCray picking up about 32 yards on the return. But on the second down, a fumble became costly to the Pirates allowing the Blazers to take control of the pig.

Pirate defense was too much for the Blazers. Pirate defense was too much for the Blazers. As the Blazers took control, Miller County’s Black Death Defense came on strong as the Blazers’ quarterback was stopped by MC’s #21 Calloway on the third down causing the Blazers to boot away. As the pig came down, it fell into the arms Jaydon Cooper. Cooper broke out with Calloway blocking and picked up great yardage before being brought down.

First and 10 from the Pirates’ 41, JaNorris Byrd was the pig handler. Next Calloway kept the pig home and picked up a couple of yards; Third and 3, quarterback keeper Calloway picked up 17 yards and a first down; first and ten inside the Blazers’ territory JaNorris Byrd added 9 yards and then on the third down picked up another 8 yards. With the Pirates closing in on the Blazers’ back door, Miller County’s #7 Brain Williams’ threw a pass to MC #99 Cameron Crankfield for a 17 yard touchdown. The offensive linemen opened holes up for MC’s #21 Calloway to tack on the two point conversion.

Once again the Black Death Defense came on strong with MC’s Brooks Watson, Kyran Bush, Douglas Roney, Jaydon Cooper, Stohne Cold Cobb, and Chris Stovall causing turn over on downs.

The Pirates picked up three first downs with Roland Godfrey on an 11 yard rush, Stohne Cold Cobb on a 2 yard rush, and JaNorris Byrd picked up 25 yards and then picked another 11 yards to take the pig in for a touchdown. The two points came up short, but the Pirates were up 14-0 against the Blazers.

This is where the score stood the rest of the game with good defense by the Blazers and good defense from the Pirates. The Black Death Defense consisting of Roland Godfrey, Cameron Crankfield, Brooks Watson, Colin Jackson, Dalton Gowan, Stohne Cold Cobb, Kyran Bush, Jaydon Cooper, Brian Williams, Haven McCray, Chris Stovall and Briar Johnson held the Blazers nullified throughout the game. It was a hard game to play. The Blazers came to play some pig ball, and it showed out there on the field. The final score was Blazers’ 0 to Pirates’ 14.

Once again, the Miller County Marching Pirate Pride Band under the direction of Mrs. Holly Thomas, Mrs. Krista Womack, and Mrs. Leigh Ann Walton, was totally bodacious and with Mr. Cory Thomas announcing it was superb as always. We are all so proud of our band and its accomplishments. Thank you goes out to all the members, directors, and parents for the hard work you put into making Friday nights’ half.

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