2018-09-12 / School & Sports

SGA Warriors Defeat Bobcats

#3Austin Pickle handing off to #4 Holden Phillips #3Austin Pickle handing off to #4 Holden Phillips On Friday September 9, the SGA Warriors played the RF Munroe Bobcats in Quincy, FL.

The Warriors came out strong in the first quarter with 28 points and leading the Bobcats 40-0 by halftime. The Warriors allowed the Bobcats only 4 first downs in the whole game. In the fourth quarter, the Bobcats mounted 2 drives that resulted in touchdowns, making the final score 47-14. On offense, senior, Holden Phillips, had 3 carries for 63 yards. Senior, Luke Benton, had 10 carries for 63 yards with 3 TD’s. Sophomore, Rylan O’Hearn had 9 carries for 68 yards. Freshman, Nic Weathersby, had 4 carries for 42 yards. Senior, Keyshawn Jackson, had 2 carries for 30 yards and 38 receiving yards. Senior quarterback, Austin Pickle, was 2 for 2 passing each resulting in a TD. Warriors had a total of 347 offensive yards. On Defense, senior, Holden Phillips, had 6 tackles with 1 tackle for loss. Junior, Brooks Mathis, had 5 tackles with 1 tackle for loss. Senior, Collier McLendon, had 4 tackles. Junior, Cole Bruner, had 4 tackles. Junior, Mac Cox, had 1 interception. Senior, Holden Phillips, had 1 interception for a TD.

When asked about the game, head coach, Coach McFather said “We are very proud of the win. Our players did a great job of playing hard early, and this gave us an early lead. It allowed us to play some of our younger players to get them game experience, and they all stepped up and played hard as well.”

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