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Pirates Fall to Eagles 43-6

By: Glenda Bailey

Mitchell County defense proved too much for the Pirates. Mitchell County defense proved too much for the Pirates. This is what a football fan would call a heartbreaker; but wait a minute, our Pirates played all four quarters from the beginning to the end, giving everything each one had inside of them.

Mitchell County Eagles dominated the entire game here at Pirates’ Stadium. But the way it looked from the stands, the officials missed a lot of holding calls, late hits, and unnecessary cheap shots. Yes, this Sports Writer is writing this. As a Pirate football die-hard fan, losing is part of learning and a motivation skill for the next game. Enough said!

Mitchell scored on a 65 yard pass Touchdown, extra point was good 7-0; Mitchell scored on a 1 yard rushing touchdown and the point attempt was missed 13-0; As the Eagles kicked off to the Pirates, Chris Stovall AKA Calloway ran a 41 yard kickoff return before being brought down by an Eagle Claw. The Pirates tried hard to gain more yardages but had to boot the pigskin to the Eagles. With the Eagles having control again, a 33 yard rushing touchdown was added and the two point conversion was stopped by the Black Death Defense. It was 19-0 in the Eagles favor as the first quarter came to an end.

As the 2nd quarter got underway, Coach Bell and his band of Pirates held the Eagles causing turn over on downs to Pirates. Unfortunately our Pirates’ fumble gave the Eagles another chance to score on a 25 yard pass completion and the Point attempt fell to the way-side. 25-0. Mitchell scored again on a 27 yard pass and missed the point attempt bringing the score 31-0 going into half time.

Once again, The Miller County Marching Pirate Pride Band performed superbly. These students practice as hard the football players to be ready for Friday night games. A big thank you goes out to Ms. Holly Thomas, Ms. Krista Womack, Ms. Leigh Ann Walton, and all the band parents who work behind the scenes to make the half time show a huge success.

As the 3rd quarter got underway, the Eagles booted the pigskin to the Pirates with Calloway receiving skin with him zigzagging through several Eagles’ claws to pick up about 65 yards. The Eagles’ defense caused the Pirates to turn possession over on downs. With 9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Mitchell County would add on another 87 yard passing touchdown. Their point attempt swayed to the left. 37-0.

Three minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, and the Eagles would add on a 32 yard rushing touchdown and would miss the point attempt bringing the score to 43-0 as the 3rd quarter came to an end.

In the 4th and final quarter, Coach Bell put in MC # 3 Titus Butler. Butler scored a 20 yard rushing touchdown, but the two point conversion came up short. 43-6

The Black Death Defense played hard, Stohne Cold Cobb, Haven McCray, Aaron Haire, Brooks Watson, Douglas Roney, Austin Avery, Dawson Brown, Dalton Gowan, Khyran Bush, Darrell Houston, Corey Preston and a young athlete wearing the number #99 gave some awesome licks on the Eagles, but time ran out as the 4th and final quarter came to an end

Our Pirates played hard and gave it their all, and there is one thing for certain: they played with Pirate Pride and never gave up. Proud Pirate Fan!

Next week, Coach Bell and his band of Pirates will be hosting Randolph Clay with game time beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Pirates 4 Life!

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