2018-09-12 / Public Safety




On Sunday, September 2, 2018, Deputy Clenney was on GA HWY 91 South in Miller County when he conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for failure to maintain lane. Upon further investigation, Erin Nicole Barefield, of Newton, GA, was arrested for possession of marijuana and transported to the Miller County Jail.


On Monday, September 3, 2018, Deputy Whitehead responded to a call at 1133 Avenue Road in reference to a burglary. The victim’s information was withheld, but Deputy Whitehead reports that he did make contact with the victim, and was able to question them.

The victim arrived home and noticed that their back door had been kicked in, and which point they immediately called 911. When asked if the victim knew anyone who would want to rob him, they answered that a worker they had fired previously was overheard by another employee saying, “Someone is going to pay for this.”

Deputy Whitehead looked around the residence, and noted that the bullets and boxes were scattered around the living room. Cabinets were left open in the kitchen, and there were gun boxes and other items scattered around the back bedroom. At this time, Deputy Whitehead asked the victim to tell him what he noticed was missing.

Over $11,850 worth of firearms were stolen, as $2000 worth of consumable goods. The case is still active.


On Thursday, September 6, 2018, Deputy Haire responded to a call at 389 Grady Cobb Road in regards to a theft by deception. The victim’s information was withheld.

They stated that on August 30, 2018, they received a check for over $1000 from a company in Maryland, that came from Redstone Federal Credit Union. The victim thought that they had a job with this company, and the check was provided for them to purchase products with. The victim was to deposit this check into their account, and then GA purchase cards from Walmart from said account.

Once this was done, the bank notified them that the check they had received was no good, and that they had been scammed. The victim lost their money, and had no way to trace it.

This case has been turned over to Investigator Josey.

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