2018-09-12 / Public Safety



On Saturday, September 1, 2018, Officer Spence was monitoring traffic at Hardee’s and HWY 27 South, along with Deputy Clenney of the Sheriff’s Office. When a maroon vehicle approached the Hardee’s entrance, Officer Spence moved his patrol car to allow the vehicle in. The driver, later identified as Kerwin Davis of Fort Gaines, GA, drove his vehicle on the curb .

When Davis was leaving Hardee’s, Officer Spence observed that Davis had a rear brake light that wasn’t working. During the following traffic stop, Officer Spence could smell alcohol coming from Davis’ person, and he observed that Davis’ speech was slurred and thick. Davis denied having anything to drink, and then he stated he had one beer . When Officer Spence asked him to exit the vehicle, Davis attempted to use it for balance. Davis would not agree to field sobriety tests.

At this point, Officer Spence advised Davis that he was under arrest on charges of DUI refusal and brake lights required.


On Monday, September 3, 2018, Officer Spence was in the Super B parking lot when he observed a 2005 Ford F150, driven by Justin Lincoln, back into a 2007 Ford Fusion, driven by Christopher Temples. The driver’s side door of Temples’ Fusion was damaged, and there was slight damage to Lincoln’s F150.

Progressive advised that Lincoln’s insurance expired in March of 2018, and he was arrested for not having insurance on his vehicle. Watson’s Towing picked up the Ford F150.


On Monday, September 3, 2018, Officer Bonilla was dispatched to 711 Oak Drive in reference to stolen property. Upon arrival, Officer Bonilla spoke with the complainant, Valerie Rummel, who advised that she believed that a former tenant, who still had her property keys, had stolen her ladder. The former tenant was contacted, and advised that he had mailed her keys back as he was instructed to do by her, and that he did not have any ladders.

This case was closed due to lack of witnesses and evidence.


On Tuesday, September 4, 2018, Officer Musgrove responded to the Colquitt Police Department in reference to damage to property. Richard Paramore stated that he was traveling around the square, and when he turned into the inside part of the square, he ran over a broken speed bump, which punctured a brand new tire.



On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, Officer McMillan conducted a passenger stop on a tan colored van, where the passenger side headlight was not working.

The driver, David Vodkin, did not have his license. Dispatch informed Officer McMillan that Vodkin’s license expired on July 5, 2018. Officer McMillan returned to the vehicle, asking if the passenger, Anita Miller, had any form of identification. She was able to provide her license.

Officer McMillan asked Vodkin for consent to search the vehicle. Miller tried to take her purse out of the car, and Officer Mc- Millan advised her that he would need to search her bag for weapons. He found prescription medicines, a glass pipe, and a clear bag with methamphetamines.

Miller was arrested for possession of methamphetamines and other drug related objects, Vodkin was arrested for driving with an expired license and a headlight violation. They were both transported to the Miller County Jail.

Warrants are pending on Anita Miller.

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