2018-09-12 / Front Page

If you can read this-

If you are reading this, we got out one more edition. For weeks now our AT&T internet has been going in and out.

We are on a first name basis with the repair department at AT&T. They assured us that a repair person would be in last week, and this week. To this date, Monday, September 10, we have talked on the telephone. Cell phones are all that work consistently. The land lines go in and out. We have three land lines, just in case. When they are out our internet is not working. When we call for service, we are threatened with expensive service bills. They’ve got us, we said come on and fix one of your three lines. The appointment was made, twice, and no service person has showed up.

The computers are wonderful machines, but when these wonderful machines don't work, for whatever reason, they are as useless as tits on a boar hog.

We can operate for the moment, even when those who keep us going are either overwhelmed by failures, or maybe have learned to promise from Democrats.

For over 122 years, we have operated with machines that help us, we depend on to get you a newspaper. We will do all in our power to get you out another newspaper even if the ones we pay for service does not do their part of the job.

We are not alone, except for service. We will do everything possible to get you another newspaper out in a timely mode. I wished we had taken computer science, but when we started, there was no such courses to take.

I am sure there are segments of society that feel that they are the worse off for this lack of service.

We will try our best to do our best to have your Miller County Liberal at your home, business and cell phones on our website.

Terry Toole, editor and publisher.

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