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Taxes Going Up

By Terry Toole

Last Monday, the tax legals started coming in from the city and county. By state law the city, county and schools have to publish what those government agencies have spent in the past five years and what they might spend. I suggest that every taxpayer take a good long look at these reports.

We just last election were offered the opportunity to raise our sales tax by one cent. You were told this was not a new tax, but a continuation of an old sales tax. The old tax was over; the new tax was only if you/we the taxpayers voted to renew the taxes. The less than 30 percent of the voters believed that and a few that voted, over 50 percent, voted to extend the sale tax.

The majority of those who voted, voted to up your taxes for five years or until $4,500,000.00 in sales tax is collected. The taxing authorities did not say what the new taxes would be spent on. This is in addition to the ad valorem taxes that some of us have to pay every year.

Last Monday, those taxing authorities, specifically the Miller County Board of Commissioners, sent a legal notice that yet another one cent sales tax would be voted on in the next election this year to build roads. The new sales tax would be for five years or when that sales tax would tax those who pay $4,500,000.00. That would be $9,000,000.00 voted to tax the tax payer, starting next year to be divided between the city and county governments. The state government gets a small portion for collecting the new sales taxes.

So far, this sounds like I am against local taxes. I think that local taxes are spent better than any collected, but enough is enough, especially when few of the citizens or property owners pay taxes equally, if at all. That is right. Some pay; many are exempt from paying, and many just don’t pay taxes.

If there is a need, a dire need, and there is a tax, without exemptions, I may be in favor. If some pay, and some are exempt, I am not for taxing a few. There are not many of us left, and if we who are homeowners, landowners and business owners have to pay taxes like big cities or counties, we won’t be here long.

Please look at what has happened to our tax base. Seems like our boards are thinking more like a Democrat than a Republican.

This county has lost the ability to draw homeowners, business owners and property owners due to high property taxes and exemptions of too many who should be helping carry the tax burden.

No government, none be it city, county, state, or federal has any money to spend unless they tax the citizens and take it from some and exempt others.

I know of no place on earth that I had rather be than right here. I have never been without a job, or had enough that I didn’t have to work. Just don’t know if we can afford to keep being taxed so that they (governments) take more than we can afford to pay. It may have already happened.

Check it out. A lot of information on taxes is in this newspaper.

The only monies that your government can spend is what they get out of you. Vote wisely!

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