2018-07-11 / Public Safety



On Tuesday, July 3, 2018, Officer Lonnie Wade responded to an accident on Highway 27 North at 91 South. Ayala Gomez was traveling north on Highway 91 south to the intersection of 27 North. Walter Hodge Jr. was traveling south on Highway 27 north while towing a three axle trailer when at the time Gomez failed to yield the right of way at the yield sign at the intersection and struck Jr. Gomez’s front driver side struck Jr.’s right side trailer causing damage to Gomez’s front driver side, front lower bumper, and front passenger side tire. Damage was also on Hodge’s right side trailer and right side front tire. No injuries were reported and Gomez was issued a citation for failing to yield.


On Monday, July 2, 2018, Officer Timothy Shaw was patrolling Crawford Highway and observed a white Chevrolet Astro van that failed to use its turn signal while changing lanes. Officer Shaw conducted a traffic stop in the parking lot of Pic N Sav. The driver, Clarence Ingram, put the vehicle in park and jumped out of the van in an aggressive manner. Officer Shaw made contact, stated the reason for the traffic stop. While talking with Ingram, Officer Shaw could smell an alcoholic beverage coming off of Ingram’s person. Upon walking to the vehicle, Officer Shaw noticed that the windshield was cracked. Officer Shaw asked Ingram if there was any contraband in the vehicle and Ingram stated that there was not. Ingram told Officer Shaw that earlier he had one beer. While talking with Ingram, Officer Shaw noticed that Ingram had watery bloodshot eyes and could not follow directions well. Officer Shaw asked Ingram could officers search the vehicle to which he gave consent. Officer Shaw found an open Budlight under the front passenger seat. Officer Shaw conducted a standardization field sobriety test on Ingram, Horizontal gaze nystagmus with a total of six clues. Ingram was unable to do the walk and turn test and one leg stand due to leg complications. Officer Shaw read Ingram implied consent, and Ingram refused to answer the question. Ingram was taken into custody and charged with DUI, failure to signal, cracked windshield, no insurance, expired decal, and no seat belt. Officer Shaw transported Ingram to the Miller County Jail to be booked and processed.



On Monday, July 2, 2018, Officer Austin Spence was conducting stationary radar on HWY. 27 South at the storage units. Officer Spence observed a vehicle traveling north on HWY. 27 at a high rate of speed. Officer Spence activated his front radar and had a target speed of 74 in a 55 mph zone. Spence activated his blue lights and conducted a traffic stop. Once stopped, Officer Spence made contact with Ayana Wilkins, advising her for the reason of the stop. Officer Spence asking Wilkins for her license to which she replied she did not have one. As Spence was walking away from the vehicle, he observed a large bottle of Budweiser in the back driver’s side floor board. Spence ran Wilkin’s name through dispatch to which they replied there was no record found. Officer Timothy Shaw arrived on scene and approached on the passenger side of the vehicle. Spence observed the passenger, Kevin Ortiz, now holding the beer in his lap and a green leafy substance on his pants. Officer Shaw advised Ortiz to exit the vehicle and placed him under arrest. Spence advised Wilkins to exit the vehicle and also placed her under arrest. The two officers conducted a vehicle search and observed an amount of green leafy substance between the passenger seat. Due to Wilkins being 16 years of age and having no family in the area, DFCS was called and asked to come to the Police Department to monitor Wilkins until a family member arrived. No charges were filed against Wilkins. Ortiz was charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce, open container violation. He was transported to Miller County Jail for booking and processing.

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