2018-06-13 / Public Safety




On Monday, June 4, 2018, Officer Lonnie Wade was stationed on North Martin Luther King Jr. Street when he saw Ms. Dynesha Marene Bell driving her 2007 BMW SUV north on MLK Jr. Street. Officer Wade pursued Ms. Bell as he radioed the dispatcher of the traffic stop. On the day before, June 3, Officer Wade saw Ms. Bell’s vehicle parked in the road on East Dancer Street and radioed dispatch to run the GA tag number through GCIC. The dispatcher then advised that the vehicle had a suspended tag and no valid insurance. On June 4, Officer Wade again advised dispatch to run the tag number through GCIC and they again advised of a suspended tag and no valid insurance. Officer Wade advised Ms. Bell of the reason for the traffic stop. Officer Wade radioed dispatcher to run Ms. Bell’s driver’s license through GCIC and dispatch advised that it was suspended and that Ms. Bell was wanted out of Lowndes County for failure to appear. Officer Wade radioed dispatch to confirm with Lowndes County and to have an on-call wrecker en route, Officer Wade advised Ms. Bell of the arrest and that Investigator Ric Morgan would stay with the vehicle until the wrecker was on scene. Officer Wade then advised dispatch he was en route to the Miller County Jail to where Ms. Bell was booked and released on bond for the above charges, after Lowndes County confirmed the “wanted” but did not want to hold and transport to Valdosta.



On Sunday, June 3, 2018, Officer Dan Stone was dispatched to 301 North First Street Apt. H in reference to an assault. Upon Officer Stone’s arrival, he saw the victim/ complainant, Makesha Greene. Ms. Greene had traumatic injuries to her right eye and on her neck. Officer Stone called for EMS and another unit so they could go into her residence and look for the offender. Deputy Goff arrived on scene, and he and Officer Stone went through the residence, but the offender was not present. During this time EMS arrived and took Ms. Greene to the E.R. Officer Stone followed to the E.R. to gather information and wait for Investigator Morgan to arrive. Ms. Greene stated she had just gotten home from work and that the offender, Jerrek Solite, had been staying with her. Ms. Greene stated she asked Solite for his key to the residence back, and then Solite, who had been drinking, began slapping her around. Ms. Greene stated that after the assault, she got up and ran to a neighboring apartment to call the police. Officer Stone, Deputy Chief Smith, Deputy Wade, and Investigator Morgan all began looking for the subject. They received a call that Solite was trying to reenter the residence, and Officer Stone and Deputy Wade went to the apartment. Officer Stone initiated a felony take-down on Solite. Solite was taken into custody and transported to the Sheriff’s Office. During transport, Solite stated, “I hit her with my fists but not no bottle.” Solite was then booked with warrants pending.


On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, vehicle 1, a 2014 Acura driven by Dianne Haywood was attempting to back up from a parking space located on College Street. Vehicle 2, 2014 GMC belonging to Rebecca Butler, was parked in a parking space beside vehicle 1 with Ms. Butler sitting in the driver’s seat. Vehicle 1 misjudged clearance and struck vehicle 2. Vehicle 1’s rear bumper struck vehicle 2’s rear passenger side bumper causing slight damage to vehicle 1 and minor damage to vehicle 2. No injuries were reported. Officer Lonnie Wade was the reporting officer.

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