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Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Mothers are love
by Terry Toole

Monday, Patsie Bevis brought me a copy of the Opinion page of USA Today to see if I would reprint a cartoon. It was a cartoon by Marshall Ramsey who works for the (Jackson,Miss.) Clarion-Ledger, who is a part of USA TODAY network.

It's hard to get permission to rerun stuff from a big newspaper. We can't even get USA TODAY except by mail, and it won't be the right day.

Let's see how good I am with words describing a cartoon.

This particular cartoon was published right after Barbara Bush died. It was a cartoon drawing of Barbara Bush with wings screaming to ROBIN with wings!! Barbara was 28 when her daughter Robin died at the age of three due to leukemia. The scene is Heaven and Robin, with open arms calling “MAMA!”

The reason this cartoon means so much to Patsie is that she lost a daughter, Michele, to cancer like we did, and so many parents have lost their children, like us.

Michele and our daughter, Tammy, whom we lost to cancer, were reared up together.

For a parent to lose a child must be the worst thing I know. It just “ain't” natural. If losing a child is so terrible, to meet them again in Heaven must be 10,000 times better.

OK, so I'm a week late on Mother's Day, but I'm old and forget. Almost all my mothers have already arrived at their Heavenly rewards and are waiting for me, along with our Tammy.

The Lord has been good. He gave us two beautiful daughters. We still have one, Donna, who is one of the best mothers that I have ever known, and I've known some of the best. From Tammy and Donna, we now have Garrett, Joanna and Mason.

Kent is the father of Tammy's two children, our grandchildren. Donna is the mother of Mason who was chosen to be in our family.

Guess you might be wondering about my many mothers. That comes from being one of the first Colquitt children in our family. I didn't know who my real parents were until I as almost a teen. I stayed with Bert and Willie, Aubrey and Alice, Tom and Nellie as well as other kin and non-kin. As I was told, my parents would share me gleefully, since they needed the rest. I never knew but one grandparent, Zula. She was tough, but was also a great teacher, and sweet.

Ma was a mother like no other. She had us two boys who lost their dad early in life. She had to work so that we could eat. We really never knew we were poor until we went to college. When my friends came by me on their cars going to college, and I was out on the highway with my thumb going to a place I had never been, I knew our status was different. Ma was a good mother and a good provider. I really don't know how she did it.

My latest loss of a mother was Uva. She lived and worked with us for a number of years. She loved me almost as much as Ma did.

Looking at the cartoon of Mrs. Bush and what a home going to see her daughter after 64 years it must have been an eternal reunion.

Mother's Day is a day of appreciation that we men cannot really appreciate.

The cream always rises to the top. My wife, the mother of our children, makes it easy and fun to live with for over 62 years. I know what losing a child even after we had her for a good while was more than I could take, and Betty Jo is even more compassionate than "ye scribe." There is nothing like a mother's love.

If I had looked the world over, there is no other I have ever wanted for a wife or more important to be the mother of our children and grandmother of our grandchildren.

Although belated, I wish every mother the love that I have had from so many loving mothers.

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