2018-05-16 / Living & Style

It Looks Like It Is Going To Be This Way From Now On

by Ren Southerlin

I like my back. I really do. In the last few days it has taken to hurting from time to time, sometimes to the point of can’t hardly getting out of a chair or bed .But I have seen some people that can’t get around at all. I have compassion for them and I pray for them. The doctor said to do a certain kind of exercise and that has helped. He also said that it might be like this for awhile.

Another thing that might not change at my house is the national news. I don’t watch much of it any more. The other night one news channel had empaneled a group. The thing they discussed was where The First Lady smiled enough. All the problems we have, and they want to talk about her smiling.

I’m ready for the elections to be over. I usually vote early voting. I like early voting. I don’t feel any hurry to cast my ballot. Usually you can chat a bit with other people and those that have come to vote. This is just my opinion, but why don’t people register to vote and vote? It is free. It is a freedom. It is a right.

The Atlanta Braves. What can be said? I watch them. They are better than they were a few years back.

I think this time they might get to be better and better. Let’s hope so.

If my daddy were around, he would listen to them on the radio. He said baseball on the radio was what baseball was all about. What I miss about baseball is the dust. I do like to see the runner slide into second or third and see the dust. Now there is no dust. The infields have been watered down.

Creek fishing. I know of very few that actually go fishing on the creek.

Some still do, and I am going soon. I like catching them, and they taste good, too.

The mail person will continue to bring the bills. I expect that I will continue to get my share of bills, though I have cut down on mine. I just think it takes less for me now or I have found within myself, I don’t need as much as I once did. A lot of things will go on like it was. Although some will drop by the wayside, sad.

Time to do my back exercise.

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