2018-05-16 / Front Page

Election Time and Reports

by Terry Toole

The primary elections and non-partisan election are to be held next Tuesday, May 22, 2018. While some you read this edition on Tuesday of each week, it is dated Wednesday. If you don’t get your Liberal until after the elections are over, next week, we can’t get you the results.

OK, that is the only thing that we do not like about having our press time on Tuesday of each week, and our dateline on Wednesday. Many times, some of the races are not finished in time to get them all counted. By the time they are completed, we have already printed for that week.

We have published the ballots twice already this month, and I’ll bet some of you still didn’t know some of the races that face you when you go to the polls early, or on election day, or even worse, you didn’t care or the candidates might not have let you know he or she wanted your votes.

An opinion on the front page - your local weekly newspapers and/or their websites are the only places that all the races are published for the public to see prior to the election and what qualified voters must have to vote.

A number of the candi- dates have let you know they wanted your vote by advertising or trying to see you voters.

As soon as we can, the results of elections in this primary and non-partisan elections, will be published.

Most subscribers will get this edition on, or before the elections, so if you have not voted, PLEASE GO VOTE! It only takes a few minutes to make your choice of candidates who can help make your city, county, schools, state and nation a better place to live. You even get a chance to vote for or against (Yes or No) for more taxes. City dwellers can also vote for or against (Yes or No) liquor by the drink.

Explaining why we will be a week late reporting the results of next Tuesday’s voting is almost as difficult as explaining that this is the one that in a primary you must declare to vote Democrat or Republican. The reason is these primaries only choose who will be the candidates in the General Election. To vote for Democrats, you must be a Democrat. To vote for Republicans, you must be a Republican. Like it or not, that is and has been the law for longer than most of you have voted. For perhaps the first time, all local candidates for office have chosen to run as Republicans. If you don’t want either, you can still vote for the candidates on the NON-PARTISAN ballots.

Please look at the ballots in this edition before you vote if you haven’t already voted early.

This is the only time that you, the voter/elector has the decision on who will govern for the next two or four years, whether to pay an extra tax for the next six years, or whether someone else can pour your liquor.

Call someone you know and trust and ask them questions that you might have about our voting procedure or why you should vote for someone running. This, like all elections, are most important. They will affect your lives and the lives of your family and friends. Those before us have fought and died so that we can have the privilege to vote. Good Americans vote.


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