2018-04-11 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Enjoy the blessings -
by Terry Toole

Sometimes life is just good even if things don't go just like you might want. Take Easter, for instance.

Last week, and every week we who believe that God sent his Son down to earth to be born to a virgin, live here on the earth and with the people that He created, taught them and us how we should live, allowed His people to kill his Son so that we can have eternal life, and raise Him from the dead to live in Heaven until He comes back again. That is a lot for us humans to believe, but a lot of us do. For my part, I believe every part of it, but I didn't say I understand much of it.

Over the Easter season, there were many sermons and television shows of man's idea of how this all came to pass, and how it is going to end, although if we read the Book that we have that people of the past did not have, we can read the inspired Word of God, and from the start to what is coming. Anyone who says they know when the end times is coming needs to read it again. They don't!

We might not be God's chosen people, but we can read how we were adopted into His kingdom, and we have been truly blessed.

You read where people come along in my life that, to me, have come close to doing what we should do with our life. None of us quite make the cut, but some come closer than others. Those are the ones I keep saying I would get on the bus, train or plane if they were there and were on their way to their eternal reward.

There have been a number of real good folks. Recently we lost one of the saints to his eternal reward. Billy Graham told us that when we heard he had died, don't believe a word of it. He was just changing his address from this earth, which he seemed to love, to his eternal home. He is one of those I would like to ride with.

Billy Graham told us that he wasn't going to Heaven because he deserved it or he had preached the gospel all of his life, but Jesus Christ was born, lived, died and was resurrected to forgive his sins. To me, that goes for you, me and the rest of us.

Lord, I pray that we don't get what we deserve, but we ask for Your mercy.

This has been a week of many blessings. We had many of our loved ones visiting with us that we don't get to see as much as we want to. Our daughter, Donna, and grandson, Mason, visited with us a few days. They live way up in the north Georgia mountains. Mason had a few days without ball practices and school, so they spent them with us.

We ate good, enjoyed being together, doing what we did, which was eat too much, be together, go to the movie, “God is Not Dead,” and met Joanna and Kent in Thomasville to eat at Jonah’s. They specialize in fish, grits and collards.

By the time you read this scribbling, we will be home alone again. We like our friends and kin to fill our home, and it won't be long before it's Mayhaw Time and the Class of ‘54 reunion. Our two spare bedrooms are already spoken for.

Oh, last Saturday, we enjoyed a very special wedding between our classmate, Billy Tabb, and our friend, SueAnn Chapman, now Tabb. We wish much love, good health and God's blessings upon them. I've gotten where I enjoy anything where we get to see old friends and make new ones.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit to find when I go to my eternal reward that it is here or somewhere around Colquitt. I can go visiting in other areas but find that I am most content to be right here.

So far, since I got “skeeter” bit, other than going to Heaven, I had rather be right here around kin, friends and very few enemies, than any place on earth. My first wife and some of my kin had rather be at the beach.

Things are changing much too fast for us older folks. It's not changing fast enough for you young folks. I want to apologize that you young folks did not get to enjoy what we did in our getting to this point in life.

God forgive us all, and God bless the United States of America!

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