2018-03-14 / Community

Taxes Are Going Down

by MCL staff writer

Gov. Deal signed a bill into law that's going to allow Georgians to keep more of their hard-earned money. This law will decrease the tax rate for individuals and businesses and will double the standard deduction. Those tax cuts will equal $5.2 billion over just five years!

Not only are the rates going down, but the Georgia government took a stand against picking winners and losers through special handouts to the airlines industry. An unfair corporate welfare carve out for jet fuel was removed from this solid piece of legislation, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

This tax reform will provide much-needed relief for families and businesses all throughout the state. Coupled with the benefits we're seeing from federal tax reform, state tax reform in Georgia will drive us further down the road to freedom and prosperity!

The federal government just passed the largest tax cut bills that will put more of your earned monies in your pockets to spend like you want.

Then, the local governments want for you the voters to add more sales taxes to pay to those who pay sale taxes, which is not a fair tax. Just check the exemptions. Some pay, many do not!

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