2017-11-08 / Public Safety



On Saturday, November 4, 2017, Colquitt Police Officer Raymond Day was patrolling the area of MLK Jr. Street when he observed a Toyota Corolla fail to stop at a stop sign when leaving Dancer Street.

Officer Day pulled in behind the vehicle and made a traffic stop. As the officer was making the stop, he noticed a hand come out of the front passenger window and shake what appeared to be a small brown paper bag. Officer Day observed a grass like consistency coming from the bag landing on the ground near the vehicle.

The officer made contact with the passenger, identified as Jacolby Jones, asking him what he just threw out the window. Jones stated he didn’t throw anything out and he did not know what he was talking about.

At this time, Officer Day asked all three occupants one by one to exit the car.

After all parties were placed in handcuffs, the officer went to the place where he had observed Jones throw something out and found a brown bag with what appeared to be marijuana.

Officer Day began searching the vehicle where he found a small rolled joint with a green leafy substance in it inside the passenger door compartment.

The officer asked all parties involved who the suspected drugs belonged to to which all parties responded they had no idea it was even in there.

All parties were taken to the Miller County Jail, Once arriving at the jail, Jones stated all the drugs were his.

As Officer Day assisted the jailer in searching Jones, a clear bag containing a green leafy substance fell out of his crotch area.

Jones was notified of his charges including the one for bringing the drugs across the guard line. The other parties were released.



On October 18, 2017, Chief Investigator Richard Morgan spoke with Martine Phillips of Phillips Brothers Farms, which is owned and operated by Martine Phillips and his brother, Milton Phillips, Sr.

Mr. Martine Phillips advised that there had been several checks taken from Phillips Brothers Farms and believed to have been forged by his brother’s son, Milton K. Phillips, Jr. (Ken).

On Monday, October 23, 2017, Milton K. Phillips, Jr. (Ken) of 1974 Phillipsburg Road, Colquitt, was arrested and charged with three counts of forgery in the third degree.


On Wednesay, November 1, 2017, Officer Timothy Shaw was patrolling on MLK Drive and noticed a Toyota Camry that failed to stop at a stop sign at MLK and Ruth Street.

While following the vehicle, Officer Shaw observed the vehicle driving in the grass on the right side of the road. He conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver who was identified as Victoria Kitching.

After running her license, Officer Shaw was notified that Kitching’s license was suspended for prior violations.

She was arrested for driving with a suspended license, failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to maintain lane.



Miss Ethel Benton of 204 North MLK Jr. Street, stated her nephew, Orando Thornton was picking up pecans, and she observed him throwing something which hit the back window of her 1999 Oldsmobile. It appeared that the item hit the lower part of the window which caused the entire window to shatter.

Benton said she did not want him locked up because it was an accident but that she did want him to pay for the damage.


On October 27, 2017, Rodney Jackson of 53 Joe Shingler Road was attempting to back up in the parking lot at Road Runner Seafood.

The vehicle of Earnest Jackson of 2129 Griggs Lucille Road, Blakely, was parked and unattended.

Jackson, driving a 2016 Dodge Ram, misjudged clearance and struck Earnest Jackson’s 1998 Ford F150.

Rodney Jackson’s rear truck hitch struck Earnest Jackson’s rear bumper causing no damage to his vehicle and moderate damage to Earnest Jackson’s vehicle.

No citations were issued, and no injuries were reported.

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