2017-11-08 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

It was a great time-still could be
by Terry Toole

As I attempt to remember what to do to help our crew get out the Liberal each week, things come to mind that make me so proud that I came along when I did. I also feel sorry for you who missed the "best of times." The 40s and 50s really were some of the "best of times" to me. I was born just as the Depression was winding down. Times were tough, and nothing came easy.

As my memory comes back, and I recollect what has happened in my life, it makes me so proud to have come up in the 30s, 40s, especially the 50s.As I see it, our great nation started going down it in the 60s.

Best I remember most of what we had been taught was right had begun to slip a lot as WWII ended in the mid 40s. WWI was called the “war to end all wars. It didn’t. Neither did WWII. We just changed the names to "conflicts.” Our soldiers fought and died. The blood was just as red. We are still fighting, and now they are coming to the U.S.A.

If you remember some of the stuff that I came up in, you've got to be old.

One of my memories of illness was after penicillin was discovered. Our local hospital was in the former Tabb Funeral Home. I'm not sure why I was put there under the care of the late Dr. James Merritt. They were trying out the new wonder drug, penicillin. I will never forget after I was on the second floor for about a week, Dr. James called Ma and said, "Annie Lou, come take Terry home. If you don't get him out of here, we are going to kill him."

The good doctor was right. They had given me so many shots of penicillin that my rear end had risen so I couldn't use it.

I was around six years old. I remember how glad I was to get home.

I guess my most recent bout with death in a hospital brought back that memory.

Back then there was a remedy developed by a pharmacist here in Colquitt call Long's Teddermop. If it didn't cure a skin disease, it would burn it closed. Thank goodness Dr. James didn't treat my ailment with that.

I was filling a prescription with one of my Dothan, AL doctors last Wednesday, and the Birmingham doctors had cut out almost half my medications. We are still working on that at the drug store. Guess they figured I didn't need them since some of the things I was being treated for had nothing to treat it, or there was no use to waste good medicine.

When I was coming up, we didn't miss air conditioning because there was none. If we got hot, we would go to Spring Creek, strip off naked and cool it. The creek wasn't a bad place to take a bar of soap and bath. It was that or the cow trough out in the yard, and unless some water was warmed on the wood stove, it was a cold bath. I always liked the Joe Hole or one of the swimming holes on Spring Creek like Williams Ole Mill or Smith's Ford.

I don't have enough room left to tell what happened in the good times. It may be that the times you live in are your good times.

Do you know who said, "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed"? No, it was not Democratic leaders; it was Adolf Hitler. He also said, “Let me control the textbooks, and I will control the state.”

A lot of changes have occurred in my lifetime and yours. Seems like a lot of changes are coming about, some good and a lot of bad. There is a Book that tells Christians that we might change, but God does not change even when we take our children from His teachings.

We are allowing some so-called Americans to take away the history of this the greatest nation on earth. They are removing all of the history of this nation’s bloodiest war, the Civil War, that killed more Americans than all our wars, trying to act like it never happened. It did and could happen again unless we remember.

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