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Veterans’ Day to be Observed November 10 On Courthouse Square

Everyone is invited to attend the Veterans’ Day Memorial Service to be held on the courthouse square on Friday morning, November 10, at 11:00 a.m.

The guest speaker will be Colonel Billy Tabb, retired, (commonly known as Bill).

Bill returned home to Colquitt in March 2017, after serving 37 1/2 years in the United Stated Army and US Civil Service.

After graduation from Miller County High School in 1954, he began school in Atlanta until he was called to duty in the Army.

Electing to make a career of the military, he continued his civil as well as military education through the years, retiring as colonel in 1992, and again in 2015 as an aeronautical engineer with the US Civil Service.

Colonel Tabb has always listed his home as Colquitt wherever he lived at the time. He has lived at 29 different addresses over the years, over half of them in foreign countries.

When asked what were his most enjoyable jobs, as well as his saddest jobs over the years, he stated, “Probably the most enjoyable was to be assigned as Ronald Reagan’s pilot and the saddest to be detailed to escort Captain Phil Tabb’s, his brother’s, remains home from Vietnam.

Show your veterans respect by being at the service Friday morning on the square at 11 a.m.

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