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Bainbridge - Dylan Morris, 25, of Bainbridge, was arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter last Friday night in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Morris was involved in a crash that occurred at the intersection of Hutchinson Boulevard and Clara Avenue. The crash resulted in the death of Joaquin Camargo of Spring Hill, Tennessee, who was reportedly in town celebrating his 55th birthday.

Morris was traveling north on Clara Avenue on his blue Harley Davidson. He was traveling above the posted speed limit when he ran a stop sign and struck a black Harley Davidson, who was passing Clara Avenue. Due to the impact, both drivers were ejected from their motorcycles.

Camargo sustained lifethreatening injuries and was transported to Bay Medical Sacred Heard, where he later passed away due to the severity of the injuries.

While investigating the scene of the accident, investigators spoke to Morris and could smell the odor of alcohol.

Morris told the investigators he did drink alcohol earlier in the day and could not remember which road and direction he was traveling. Morris was transported to the Panama City Beach Police Department, where officers conducted a field sobriety test. Morris was unable to keep his balance and follow directions; therefore, a search warrant was drawn up in order to draw blood from the defendant.

After the blood draw was completed, Morris was transported to Bay Medical Beach ER to be seen for injuries he refused treatment for earlier. Upon release, Morris was transported to Bay County Jail for probable cause that he was impaired to the point he could not control his normal functions and operate a motor vehicle.

Morris appeared in court on Monday with a bond of $100,000 and had his lawyer file a plea of not guilty.

Cairo - South Georgia law enforcement officers said if you plan on heading to the pump to fill up on gas you need to make sure you’re checking your surroundings.

Several skimmers have been found in both Thomas County and Grady County this week.

The skimmer in Thomas County was found at the truck stop off Highway 84.

Investigators said when the card reader looks bigger than usual that could be a skimmer.

You should check the seal on the pump.

If it’s broken or messed with at all, then you should use a different pump.

“Real quick, some you can just ride by and put on, others you may have to spend a little time. Others are more extravagant, and they have a camera overhead and show what pin number you punch in,” said Capt. Maurice Holmes with the Thomasville Police Department.

If you use your bank card to fill up on gas, investigators said always check your bank statements regularly and report any fraudulent activity.

Camilla - Bobby Lee Beck was convicted of child molestation and incest during the fall Mitchell County Trial Term on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Prosecutors sought and received a sentence of 50 years, 25 years to be served in the state penitentiary.

Beck was convicted of having sexual intercourse with a minor relative under the age of 16 years old.

The victim in this assault reported to law enforcement officials on February 15, 2016, that she was raped by Bobby Lee Beck. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab reported on March 31, 2016, the presence of male DNA from the cervical swabs entered in evidence in this case. On that same day, warrants were issued for the arrest of Beck. Mitchell County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Kevin Sellers contacted Beck by phone and asked that he come in and speak with him in an interview about the case. Beck was a wanted fugitive until May 2, 2016, when he was arrested in Zanesville, Ohio, for parole violations warrants. Beck was then transported to Mitchell County Justice Center on May 18, 2016.

Newton - On Monday, October 23, 2017, at approximately 3:18 a.m., a black 2011 Hyundai Accent was traveling down Georgia 200 in wet, rainy conditions in Baker County when it struck a guard rail.

The vehicle is registered to James O’Bryan Wallace of Newton, who was driving at the time. Kadedra Mashell Wallace was a passenger in the vehicle.

Wallace was traveling eastbound and came to a curve. According to Kadedra, James was traveling too fast for the curve and lost control. The Hyundai began to hydroplane counter clockwise toward the north shoulder of the roadway.

As the vehicle left the roadway, the rear of the vehicle struck the guardrail end and a traffic sign post before crossing onto the bridge. Following the initial impact to the guard rail, the vehicle traveled down the embankment.

The vehicle overturned several times as it was traveling down the embankment before coming to a rest at the bottom.

Wallace was ejected and later died because of his injuries.

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