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Pirates Fall to Panthers 19-16

By: Glenda Bailey

Panthers offense was too much for the Pirates. Panthers offense was too much for the Pirates. The Miller County Pirates rolled into Chattahoochee County last Friday evening ready to play under the Friday Night Lights. Now this is the first time since way back yonder that a football clock ran as fast as this clock ticked-faster than the Road Runner’s feet did on the Cartoon show. Pirate Captains were GJ Douglas, Tucker Spence, Dalton Gowan, and Tyler Grant and for the Panthers they were Anwar Allen, Ty Lucas, Billy Wischnewshy, Ayante King.

Miller County began the game off on the receiving end of the little pig. The kick was high coming down to MC’s #8 Jamiyen Miller; Miller was down at their own 27 yard line. The Pirates picked up five first downs with Chris Stovall and Janorris Byrd picking up good yardage. It was 3rd down on the Panthers 8 yard line when Dylan Johnson went to the air intended for Roland Godfrey, but it would not be enough yardages so it was turnover on downs going to the Panthers.

Chattaco’s QB attempted to keep the pig home and thought he had a clear shot to the Pirates’ goal line; but he wasn’t expecting to meet up with Black Death Defender MC’s #31 Kohler Tabb. Tabb said, not this time! The Panthers attempted again, once again the Black Death Defense lead by GJ Douglas, Christ Stovall, and Cameron Crankfield . The Panthers were able to pick up a first down deep in the Pirates’ back door. A couple drives later, Chattaco’s QB Ty Lucas scored with a 1 yard rushing Touchdown. Panthers’ PAT was good putting the Panthers on the scoreboard first. 0-7

This game began at 7:30 and the first quarter was over with by 7:55 pm. Whew! That was a fast first quarter! You Think?

Chattaco scored again in the second quarter with a 35 yard pass completion for a touchdown but the Panthers missed the Point After putting the Panthers up 13-0

Both teams rotated the little pig back and forth on three different possessions. Finally, our Pirates have control and work their way down inside the Panthers’ five yard line. With a minute to go in the second quarter, MC’S #1 Janorris Byrd takes the pig in for a 2-yard rushing touchdown. Byrd also rushed for a 2-point conversion to add points for Miller County. 8-13

With time ticking down in the 2nd quarter, Miller County recovers a Panther’s fumble and has the pig on Chattaco’s 19 yard line. A couple drives later, MC’s #21 Chris Stovall takes the pig on a 3-yard rushing touchdown and tacked on the 2 point conversion as well. The score stood 16-13 going into half time.

Just a note about the first half, there were 2 un-sportsman like calls against Chattahoochee County and one horse collar not called. Don’t know where these officials came from but the game seemed a little too one sided.

The second half of the game was pretty much like the first half; the officials seemed as if they did not know what they were doing. It was ok for one coach to come out on the field but not the other one. Come on now this did not add up. No flags were thrown for delay of game against Chattaco, no flags were thrown for the Panther that was bobbing his head every time pulling our defense off and penalties thrown against our Pirates. It was pitiful!

Just inside the fourth and final quarter, Chattaco scored with a 47 yard pass completion for a touchdown and they missed point attempt but the Panthers had taken back over the lead. 16-19

Miller County’s Black Death Defense played hard and great combining stops were made by Roland Godfrey, Kohler Tabb, and Hayes Cleveland on a Panthers. GJ Douglas, Julian Williams, Kendra Rainey, Rod Wilson, Cameron Crankfield, Dalton Gowan, Tyler Grant, Janorris Byrd, Austin Dollar, Big Joe Hawkins, Brooks Watson, and several more Pirates played their hearts out last Friday night up there in Panther County. We did not bring back a win but they knew us when we left. The final score was 16-19 with a ticking clock that was going crazy fast.

Here are the stats from the Chattaco and Miller’s game: On Miller County offense we rushed 45 for 206 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 two point conversion. On the Passing side of the pig Miller County was 0- 5 with 0 yards. Chris Stovall had 31 carries equaling to 164 yards with 1 TD and 1 two point conversion; Janorris Byrd had 9 carries with 24 yards and 1 touchdown and 1 two point conversion. Dylan Johnson’s passing was 1 for 6 passing for 7 yards. Roland Godfrey had 1 pass reception for 7 yards. Miller County had 3 fumbles; Dylan Johnson, Janorris Byrd, and Chris Stovall. On Chattahoochee offense’s side; Panthers rushed 43 equaling 232 yards with 1 touchdown passing 2 for 2 equaling 82 yards with 2 touchdowns and an extra point 1 for 2.

This Friday night, Miller County will host Sneads High School and this is not a region game. On the schedule the game begins at 8: 00 pm. Everyone come out and show your support for our team, cheerleaders and band. These coaches and students work very hard every week to bring to everyone a great game, great cheerleading, and an awesome half time show.

Note: In last week’s article, this sports writer made a mistake and would like to recognize MC’s #31 Kohler Tabb for his outstanding defensive plays against Calhoun County. My apology KOHLER!

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