2017-10-11 / Public Safety



On Sunday, October 2, 2017, Colquitt Police Officer Timothy Shaw observed a gray Toyota Sedan traveling west on Crawford Street in Colquitt with an expired decal from 2016.

Officer Shaw conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver who was identified as Reyanne Wimberly of 1579 Phillipsburg Road, Colquitt, and told her the reason for the stop. While talking with Wimberly, it was noted that the front windshield was shattered across the width and she was very nervous acting. Shaw returned to his patrol vehicle to run Wimberly’s driver’s license through dispatch and was told that the vehicle’s tag had expired in June of 2016.

Officer Shaw asked Wimberly if there was any contraband in the vehicle and she did not give consent to search the vehicle.

Officer Chad Barrett arrived on the scene and asked Wimberly about items in the vehicle. At this time Wimberly was asked to step out of the vehicle.

K- 9 Deputy Garison Clenney arrived on the scene and conducted an open air sniff with the dog. The dog alerted on the front driver’s door. Officer Shaw and Deputy Clenney made a search of the vehicle. While searching, a small baggie containing a white powder inside was found inside the vehicle. The baggie was inside a book bag that contained various art supplies. Shaw also located two meth rocks inside of the center console. BJ Josey was contacted and field tested the substance and it field tested positive for meth.

Reyanne Wimberly was arrested and transported to the Miller County where she was charged with possession of meth, windshield requirement and expired tag.



On Sunday, October 1, 2017, Officer Chad Barrett was dispatched to 501 Peter Street in reference to a possible domestic disturbance.

When the officer arrived on the scene, he met with the complainant, who was identified as Geraldine Warren. She stated that Willie Warren had been causing problems and being loud.

While on scene, Willie Warren started getting loud and boisterous and he was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and transported to the Miller County Jail.






On Friday, September 29, 2017, Officer Raymond Day responded to a domestic call at 535 Cuthbert Street.

As Officer Day turned on Highway 45, he observed two shadows walking on the edge of the highway. He turned and went down Cuthbert Street, turning his headlights off as he pulled in behind the mobile home .

As Officer Day approached the mobile home, he heard a man’s voice, later identified as Josh Chancey yell, “there isn’t anyone inside the house. Officer Day turned and looked back towards Highway 45 to where the voice was coming from.

The officer observed a white female, identified as Arizona Varnadoe, walking towards Officer Day with her boyfriend, Chancey. Officer Day approached the subjects and observed Chancey take a knife out of his front right pocket, open it, and run it across a wooden stake he had in his left hand. Officer Day drew his duty weapon and instructed Chancey to put down the knife. As both parties walked closer, the officer observed Chancey lift up the knife in Varnadoe’s direction. The officer instructed Varnadoe to get out of the way so he could have a clear view of what Chancey was doing. Chancey was once again told to put the knife down at which time he threw it in Officer Day’s direction.

Chancey was instructed several times to get on the ground and he continued to stand in front of the officer with the wooden stake still in his hand.

Deputy Brent Haire arrived on the scene and placed Chancey in handcuffs. He was taken to the Miller County Jail.




On Saturday, October 7, 2017, Officer Ray Cox responded to 300 MLK Jr. Street Apartment D in reference to a burglary.

Officer Cox arrived on the scene and spoke with Quintavius Johnson.

Johnson stated that sometime between October 6 and October 7, unknown person(s) entered his apartment and took property belonging to him. Entry to the apartment was made by pushing a window a/c unit from a window on the west side of the apartment.

Items taken were an Xbox game system with controls and charges valued at $500 from the living room. They also took an Xbox system from the bedroom valued at $400 and six games valued at $50 each.

Johnson was unable to provide serial numbers for the stolen property. Investigator Tyrone Burns was notified of the incident and the case was turned over to him.




On Monday, October 2, 2017, Officer Raymond Day was patroling the area of Highway 27 near the intersection of Grow Street when he observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed.

The officer activated his emergency lights and made a traffic stop on the vehicle.

When making contact with the driver, Tyechia Wade, the smell of marijuana was very evident standing outside the vehicle.

Wade was asked for her driver’s license and explained to her while she was being stopped. The officer asked Wade if they was anything illegal in the vehicle and she replied, “like what?” When asked again, she said no.

The officer explained to her that he could smell the marijuana and she was honest with him, he might could help her out. She was asked by the officer if he could search the vehicle to which he replied he could not. He told her that he smelled the marijuana and that he would be searching the vehicle anyway.

Officer Day asked Wade to step back to the back of the vehicle and also asked a small child in the back seat, Wade’s daughter to step back to where her mother was.

Day began searching the vehicle. In the ash tray near the center console of the vehicle was a half-smoked blunt rolled with marijuana.

As he continued the search, he observed a purse on the passenger seat and began to search it. Inside of it, was a clear bag containing a green leafy substance inside of it. At the bottom of the purse, a clear, non-labeled medicine bottle containing several random pills inside.

Officer Day asked Wade if they were hers to which she replied they were. She said she had left in a hurry and threw some in a random bottle.

Wade stated she could call her boyfriend to get him to send her a picture of the prescription bottle with her name on it for the medicines. Wade called her boyfriend, who told Officer Day the pills were his and she had no prescription.

Tyechia Wade of 5542 Misty Lane, Dayton, Ohio, was transported to the Miller County Jail where she was booked on the charges.

Officer Hearn stood by with the vehicle and the child waiting on a family member to come and get the child and the car.

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