2017-09-13 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Please Pray for Our Editor

This week we are truly “Up the Creek Without a Paddle.” For the first time in his almost 40 years as editor and owner of the Miller County Liberal, “Ye Scribe” Terry Toole did not write his column this week.

In 1976, he bought the newspaper from his Uncle Bert and Aunt Willie Priest and began writing his editorial, “Up the Creek Without a Paddle,” not missing a one, until now.

Only a hospital stay and serious illness could keep him away from the newspaper office and his editor’s duties.

It was last Monday, September 4, when the newspaper staff and his wife noticed he was not himself. On the paper’s deadline day and our busiest day of the week, he came to the office late, very unusual behavior. That was the first sign of something being wrong. He had told his “first” wife, Betty Jo, that he didn’t feel good, and he seemed sleepy and kept nodding off at his computer. When questioned, his responses were somewhat incoherent.

His next symptoms were a fever and then nausea. Because Terry had been exposed to a virus, Betty Jo thought he was coming down with it, but by Thursday, his symptoms had worsened.

After a trip to the Emergency Room in Colquitt, he was transported by ambulance to Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan where Betty Jo was shocked to learn that he had suffered a stress-related heart attack.

Soon after testing, treatment began for either bacterial meningitis or encephalitis, and the doctors began treatment with antibiotics.

Then on Saturday, after some breathing difficulties, the editor was moved to the Critical Care Unit. Double pneumonia has been confirmed, as well as a stroke. Results of other tests are still pending.

So short version, “Ye Scribe” is a very sick man. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

We hope to have our editor back at work soon. Terry Toole is the Miller County Liberal. The office is just not the same without him. We miss you!

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