2017-08-09 / Public Safety


Deceased Person

On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at approximately 06:14 hrs., Deputy Glover was dispatched to 726 Grady Cobb Rd. in reference to a person being unresponsive and not breathing. Upon Deputy Glover’s arrival, he found Mr. Alligood in bed not breathing and no pulse. He observed and felt that Mr. Alligood was warm to the touch and also had open heart surgery in the past. Deputy Glover advised dispatch that he would be starting chest compressions and awaiting E.M.S. Upon E. M. S.’s arrival, he turned the scene over to them. Deputy Glover then spoke with Mrs. Alligood, who was asked about Mr. Alligood’s condition. She advised that he had had five heart attacks and one open heart surgery. It appeared to Deputy Glover that no foul play was involved, and the death was of natural causes.


On Tuesday, August 1, 2017, Officer Lonnie Wade was dispatched to 108 North First Street, Food Mart parking lot in reference to subjects fighting in the parking lot and trying to leave. Upon Officer Wade’s arrival, Colquitt Police Chief Hollis Smith, Officer Timonthy Shaw, Miller Co. Deputy Garrison Clenney, and Miller Co. Investigator Tyrone Burns arrived on scene. Officer Wade advised Chief Smith who the suspect was, Cedrick Grant, after he had seen the victim, Aaron Hayes. Due to previous 911 calls of the two males’past confrontations, Officer Wade advised Chief Smith that he knew where the suspect was, as he had already left the scene. Chief Smith advised Officer Wade to leave and find him as Chief Smith and Officer Shaw got statements from the victim and witnesses. Officer Wade radioed dispatch that he was going to be en route to 204 North Martin Luther King Jr. Street. Upon Officer Wade’s and Officer Clenney’s arrival, Officer Wade spoke with the home owner, and she advised that Mr. Cedrick Grant was inside her house. Officer Wade then began to walk to the kitchen door, when at that time, Mr. Cedrick Grant met him at the door. Officer Wade advised Mr. Grant to come out of the house and as he came out, he was arrested. Officer Shaw then arrived on scene as Officer Wade advised him to get statements from the witnesses. Officer Wade then radioed dispatch that he was en route to the Miller Co. Jail, to where Mr. Grant would be booked with a warrant pending.

Theft By Taking

On Friday, August 4, 2017, Deputy Lonnie Wade met with Shane Kyle Mathis at the Sheriff’s Department parking lot in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, Mr. Mathis stated that on August 4 around 8:30 he left his house. He stated that he received a phone call from a friend, Ashley Sheffield, stating that he was passing by Mr. Mathis’s house and saw a burgundy Envoy S.U.V at his house backing up and leaving quickly. Ashley Sheffield asked Mr. Mathis if he knew anybody with a vehicle like that and Mr. Mathis stated that he knew who Mr. Ashley was talking about and thought nothing of it until he got back home around 11:00 and went inside his house to find that his play station 3 and one 18x20 and one 12x14 arrow head plaques were missing. Mr. Mathis stated that the suspect was Mr. Brandon Jones and that he invited Mr. Jones to spend a couple of nights at his house awhile back due to him getting into a verbal argument at home. Mr. Mathis stated that Brandon saw how he opened his residence door and probably used that way to gain entrance into his house. After getting statements, Deputy Wade contacted Investigator B.J. Josey and advised him of the incident. The case has been turned over to investigations.


On Monday, July 31, 2017, Ms. Cora Huntley was traveling east on Helms Rd. in Miller County and a deer entered into the path of the vehicle, a 2010 Mitsubishi Galant. A collision could not be avoided and the deer was struck. Ms. Huntley sustained no injuries. Deputy Dale Glover was the reporting officer.

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