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Theft By Taking

On Monday, July 31, 2017, Officer Wade was radioed by Chief Hollis Smith to be en route to Lanes Medical in reference to a theft. Upon Officer Wade’s arrival, he spoke to Mr. Larry Hilton Lane, who stated that he left his cast iron garden walk through gate/arch in the back of the building up under a semi-trailer. Mr. Lane stated that the last time he saw the gate was on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, around 2:00 p.m., and when he noticed the gate was gone was on Thursday, July 27, 2017, around 10:00 a.m. Mr. Lane stated that the gate was a black, rusty color and valued at 90 dollars.


On Tuesday, August 1, 2017, Officer Chad Barrett was dispatched to 155 West Street, Colquitt, GA 39837 in reference to a damage to property complaint, when Officer Barrett arrived on scene, he met with the complainant who was identified as Cao, Thanah Thai. Mr. Cao stated that investigator Rick Morgan already had a case he was working at this address. Officer Barrett asked Mr. Cao about the nature of this call and he stated that he recently got the key back to the house and when he went inside he saw that there was damage in the house and some items were missing. Mr. Cao allowed Officer Barrett inside the house and showed him around. Officer Barrett witnessed damage to some of the walls and that the light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, kitchen sink, stove, bathroom sink, bathtub, thermostat, and some plumbing pipes were missing. Officer Barrett had Miller County Dispatch contact Investigator Morgan with the request to contact him. When Inv. Morgan called, he advised to get a new case number, do a report, and give him a copy of the report and pictures that were taken in the house. Mr. Cao provided two phone numbers and one name of the previous tenants of the house but stated that they never had a rent agreement or contract. When we got back outside, he stated that the siding on the house was missing as well.

Theft By Taking

On Tuesday, August 1, 2017, Deputy Chris Goff was dispatched to 696 Avenue Road in reference to stolen property. Upon arrival, Deputy Goff made contact with the complainant, Johnathan King, who stated that he arrived at this residence to start work on the property job site and he noticed that the work trailer that was left over the weekend was missing. Mr. King stated that he checked the job site and noticed the battery for the motorized tractor lift was missing. He stated he did not notice anything else from the jobsite missing. Deputy Goff advised that the work trailer was black and was homemade and that it had white rims with a black toolbox. The toolbox contained several items with an estimated value around $2,500. Deputy Goff then made contact with the property owner, Nathan Cobb, and he stated that the trailer was on the property Sunday and that he was made aware by Mr. King that the trailer was missing. Mr. Cobb stated that he did not hear or notice any suspicious activity during the weekend leading up to this theft. Deputy Goff advised the complainant that a report would be filed at the Sheriff’s Office and that the case would be turned over to investigations. Deputy Goff advised Mr. Cobb if he notices any suspicious activity to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Theft By Taking

On Monday, July 28, 2017, Officer Dan Stone spoke with Ms. Betty Adams in reference to a theft. Ms. Adams stated that she had a person working for her that was helping her move. She stated that she noticed $400.00 in cash was missing and she also noticed a 3/4 full pill bottle of Klonopin missing. Ms. Betty Adams stated that this happened last Friday and she waited until today to report it. Investigator Ric Morgan was notified of the possible theft. The case is under investigation and still pending. Nothing further was known.


On Friday, August 4, 2017, Ms. Martha Vann was attempting to back up from her parking space. Mr. Colby Atkinson’s vehicle was parked and unattended. Ms. Vann misjudged clearance and struck Mr. Atkinson’s vehicle. Ms. Vann’s passenger side bumper struck Mr. Atkinson’s rear driver side bumper. The collision caused moderate damage to Ms. Vann’s vehicle and slight damage to Mr. Atkinson’s. No citations were issued, and there was no report of injury at the time.

Theft By Taking

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, Officer Chad Barret was dispatched to the area of 2nd Street near the apartments in reference to stolen property. When Officer Barrett arrived, he met with the complainant, Julie Ann Alday. Ms. Alday stated that an albino black male by the name of “Red” stole her bike. She said that “Red” came up to her and told her he needed her bike and just got on it and rode off. She stated that she hollered at him not to be gone long and that he still hadn’t returned with the bike. Officer Barrett asked Ms. Alday when was the last time she saw her bike and she stated that she saw it around 9 or 10 p.m. Ms. Alday stated that the bike was a giant bike with a silver rest in the middle and a pink, blue, and yellow striped seat.

Disoriented Elder

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, Officer Timothy Shaw made contact with a concerned citizen who had an elderly lady in his custody. The citizen stated that he saw an elderly lady in Donalsonville, who looked disoriented. The citizen then asked if she needed a ride and the elderly lady was identified as Bessie Jackson, who stated that she was trying to get to a hotel. While Officer Shaw was talking to the elderly, Ms. Jewell Jackson, she seemed to be talking out of her head and wasn’t quite sure of her surroundings. Ms. Jackson did not have any phone numbers to get in contact with any family members. Officer Shaw notified Chief Smith of the incident. Officer Shaw was able to make contact with Jackson’s nephew who stated that she had walked off before and did not want to take her in unless he needed to. Officer Shaw was able to make contact with the oldest daughter who stays in California, and she said that she wanted her mother returned home. At this time, Chief Smith arrived on scene and Jackson stated that she wanted to go to Tallahassee to stay in a hotel until she was able to get back to California. Paramedic Kyle and Amanda Heard state that she wanted to go to Tallahassee per Chief Smith. Jackson was transported to Tallahassee by Chief Smith and Mrs. Sheila Allen.

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