2017-08-09 / Front Page

Colquitt is Rocking

by Kelly Robinson

Some of the rocks that have been placed around town. Some of the rocks that have been placed around town. Colquitt is now “rocking.” With the newest trend sweeping across the country, people, young and old, are getting into this and having loads of fun while doing it.

We would like to invite you all to join the newest trend of rock painting and hiding. All you do is find some rocks, any rocks will do. Paint them any style with any sayings or pictures. Please hide in plain view where it's very easy to see. Be sure after painting to seal the rocks with a clear gloss of your choice to prevent weather damage. Let the public know you've hidden them by leaving a clue of the general area on social media for other rock detectives to decipher upon finding them and once you've relocated them.

Several cities, counties and states around us are already involved. It's for fun and encouragement only. Children and adults alike are having so much fun doing this. PLEASE, PLEASE, do not keep the painted rocks. Relocate them so the next person will have the same smile that you first had upon finding them.

Keep in mind that children will be hunting and finding these as well so let's keep it clean and have fun!!

Also, be sure to write "Colquitt Rocks" on the backside of the rocks and you can also create yourself a personal hashtag where you can follow your rocks.

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