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Gasoline and taxes going up

by MCL staff writer

One of the signs in the start of the century. One of the signs in the start of the century. The price of gas has been going up since they took the horses loose from the wagons. This was one of the first prices of gasoline, 5 1/2¢ per gallon, before the add-ons. Looks like everyone else was trying to get their part of the charge of gas. The price was four times the cost when everyone got some. I think I can remember 14 1/2¢ per gallon in my youth.

Someone keeps saying the dollar could bust. According to gas prices the dollar is much past busted. If it keeps going up, it will take a trunk full of dollars to fill up. Thank goodness for plastic.

According to the latest reports the prices are going up and down, according to where you have to fill up.

Gasoline is not the only thing that has affected the dollar. I can remember when a loaf of bread was 5¢. An acre of land would sell for $1. Everything has gone up. Very little has gone down, especially taxes.

Speaking of taxes, the price of gasoline has continued to rise in most areas due to the taxes that have been added to your per gallon. There are rumors that the State of Georgia wants more gas taxes added to the gallon. Guess who will pay that?

The average price $2.11. The lowest price is $1.83. The lowest report in these cities by GasBuddy was:

Albany $ 1.88
Blakely 2.11
Bainbridge 1.93
Colquitt 2.21
Columbus 1.96
Damascus 2.21
Donalsonville 2.10
Dothan 1.88
Tallahassee 2.09

“The price of crude oil continues to be the main driver of gas prices. As oil gets cheaper, it becomes less expensive to produce gasoline, and those savings are reflected in prices at the pump sometimes. Sometimes the gasoline distributor gets used to making a certain price per gallon. Supply and demand from vehicles help with the pricing.

Other than food, the price of gasoline affects the cost of a family more than most items. With almost 50 percent getting food with government help, gasoline could be the highest item that affects the money spent from the family, so it pays to shop for prices.

The consumer does not consider who they purchase gasoline from, it is who is the cheapest. Consumers will drive for miles to save 1¢ per gallon.

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