2017-05-17 / Public Safety


Theft by Taking

On Sunday, May 14, 2017, Colquitt Police Department Officer Chad Barrett was dispatched to 212 Taylor Street in reference to a stolen dog. When Officer Barrett arrived on scene, the complainant, identified as Robert Marshall, stated that his dog was stolen at some point during the day. He stated that the last time he saw the dog was around 6:00 a.m. when he went outside to feed it. He said he noticed the dog was missing around 10:00 p.m. Officer Barrett asked Mr. Marshall if he knew of anyone that would want to steal his dog, and Mr. Marshall stated that he did not think so.

Theft by Taking Less than $500

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Colquitt Police Department Captain Dan Stone was dispatched to 509 Rail Road Street in reference to stolen money. Upon Captain Stone's arrival, the victim, Cowanda Nicole Fountain, stated that she had a $160.00 money order taken out of her purse by unknown persons while she was home. She stated that the money was for her probation and that she does not know who may have taken the money.

Theft by Taking Less than $500

On Friday, May 12, 2017, Colquitt Police Department Officer Chad Barrett was dispatched to 606 MLK Jr. Street in reference to a stolen bike. Upon Officer Barrett's arrival, he met with complainant, Rashundra Latoya Means. Ms. Means stated that her boyfriend called her around 12:30 p.m. and told her that her bike was missing from the back yard. When Ms. Means arrived home, she called the police to make a report of the stolen bike. Ms. Means stated that the bike is gray and black in color and has a horn on the handle bars with the name "Scooter" written on the frame. She said the last time she saw the bike was yesterday around 2:00 p.m. Ms. Means said she did not know who may have taken her bike.


On Saturday, May 13, 2017, Colquitt Police Department Officer Chad Barrett was dispatched to 156 Perry Street in reference to a domestic call. Upon Officer Barrett's arrival, dispatch advised to make contact with apartment number 404. When he made contact with the occupants of that apartment, they advised that the disturbance/ fight was coming from the apartment above them which was apartment number 408. When Officer Barrett went upstairs to apartment 408, he was met by a black male identified as Jacolby Jones. As Officer Barrett was speaking to Mr. Jones, a black female come out of the apartment identified as Amanda Daniel. Officer Barrett asked Ms. Daniel what happened and she stated that when she arrived home from a party that "CharlesBeard"approached her truck, opened the door, and started punching her.

She stated that she started screaming, and Mr. Jones came to her aid. She stated that Mr. Jones got "Charles Beard" off of her long enough for her to run upstairs and into his apartment. Ms. Daniel said after she was in the apartment, Mr. Jones knocked on the door to come inside. As Ms. Daniel opened the door, "Charles Beard" ran in uninvited and hit her again. She stated he then ran out, stealing her cell phone and car keys. Ms. Daniel said she was able to grab her keys back as he was running out of the apartment. Officer Barrett looked at Ms. Daniel's face and noticed a visible mark that was puffy under her right eye. He did not notice any more visible marks. Mr. Jones and Ms. Daniel both stated that "Charles Beard" was last seen running towards Perry Street wearing bright yellow pants. Officer Barrett asked the two if they knew where he lived, but they both said no.


On Friday, May 12, 2017, Colquitt Police Department Officer Seth Maxwell was dispatched to the Kangaroo parking lot in reference to an accident. When Officer Maxwell arrived, he spoke to the two victims, Christopher Wood and Nicholas Scott Cook. Mr. Wood was pulled up to the air pump in the Kangaroo parking lot, and Mr. Cook was parked behind him. Mr. Wood stated he pulled up to the air pump to put air in his trailer tire. He stated he got back into his vehicle and started backing up and did not see Mr. Cook's vehicle parked behind him and backed into his tailgate. Mr. Cook's vehicle had moderate damage. Mr. Wood's trailer suffered no damage. There were no injuries to either party.

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