2017-05-17 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

A short beach trip?
by Terry Toole

You’ll never guess where I’ve been the last part of this week. What, you didn’t even miss me? Well, I missed you all. Anytime I cross the Miller County line, I get to missing it, and y’all.

First wife invited me to go to the beach with her, and two of our dearest friends, Spud and Pat Bush. She learned not to ask if I wanted to go; she told me we were going. Seems like first wife had to use a time share, or lose it.

“The condo was in Destin at Club Wyndham with two bedrooms,” she said.

I reminded her that we were working on our biggest edition, Graduation, and had to get some of the sections finished this week. It was Mother’s Day coming up, and we were getting a new sheriff.

Wanda chirped in and said, “No problem. I can take care of everything but Mother’s Day, and if you don’t go, you might not have a good weekend. I can take care of the Liberal for a couple of days.”

For all of you who wonder about when something happens to “ye scribe,” worry no more. It might take a little more work, but the Liberal will come out come rain, shine, two day vacations, or even the loss of “ye scribe.” Fear not!

I know that is comforting to our subscribers and readers. In fact, the readership might increase when I’m gone. That’s not too comforting to me, but some great person once said, “The truth is the light of the world.”

The older I get, the better I know what I’ve always said, “No one is indispensable, not even ye scribe, or especially ye scribe.”

The Miller County Liberal has been here 120 years, and has had much better editors, so worry not. Our crew will miss the only boy there. I occasionally clean the bathroom and kitchen, deliver the papers, wash the dishes, write a few lines, and take photos. They will probably take a week or so to replace this paperboy. I think they already have someone in mind when I pass.

Back to the beach trip - we left Colquitt at around 11:00 a.m. Thursday, so that we could get to the Circle Grill in Graceville to eat shrimp. They were great. We made it together on two cars. The girls didn’t think we had enough room for a weekend vacation in just one car. We stayed together all the way in case one of us might need the other. We made it to Wyndham Bay Club II in Destin before check-in time, but the room was ready. There was a real nice condo on the fourth floor, but no beach. There was lots of bay, lots of golf courses. This was not the beaches, but Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, without the beaches. Betty Jo and Pat could entertain each other on a deserted island if they had a few decks of cards. They are good friends and enjoy each other, win or lose, like “ye scribe” and Spud.

The next day, we went shopping. When people go to the beach, the favorite pastime is shopping, and those folks are ready for the visitors. I really needed to shop. After walking miles over the mall, I found a sock store and purchased me some socks. That was it. Betty Jo didn’t do as good. She always needs shoes. She found one pair she wanted, but got the second one 1/2 off, and couldn’t find a second pair she liked. We ate seafood at Capt. Dave’s, and in fact, finally saw the beach out the window in a rainstorm. I think it was the beach and gulf.

I’m always glad I went and always enjoy the trip, if it isn’t too long. This one was just right. It ended on Mother’s Day, and first wife, and our friends seemed to have a good time even though the card games were one-sided. Spud and ye scribe watched some sports programs and lots of Fox news. We always agree that we are fortunate to have two of the best wives two old codgers like us could possibly have.

We all thanked our Lord for His many blessings He has bestowed on us and our families, and look forward to another beach trip.

It was a fun time! We didn’t get sand or saltwater anywhere.

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