2017-05-17 / Front Page

Health officials announce TB test results for Miller Co. High

The Georgia Department of Public Health has released the latest results on tuberculosis testing currently underway at Miller County High School.

Officials say, out of the 360 skin tests that were administered on Monday at the school, 335 results were reviewed on Wednesday. Of those, 12 appeared to be abnormal and were referred for further evaluation.

Those individuals will be recommended for x-rays or treatment following additional evaluation.

“This does not mean that the individuals have active tuberculosis,” says Carolyn Maschke, spokesperson for the Southwest Health District. “There is a distinction between TB infection and TB disease. With TB infection, there are no symptoms and you are not contagious. With TB disease, the individual experiences symptoms and is contagious.”

Maschke adds, “Tuberculosis disease is a condition that can be spread from person to person through the air. It usually attacks the lungs, but it also can attack other parts of the body. It is not easy to get TB. Repeated exposure over a long period to a person who is contagious is usually required to contract the disease.”

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